Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Overcoming Spending Temptation

Growing up having no fancy stuffs, growing up having hand-me-downs from my well -to-do cousins, I promised to buy everything I want once I have a job, and so I did. I went through a "spending phase".  My thinking was: I work hard and I need to reward myself with stuffs. When I started investing, I realize the value of money. 1 dollar can turn into 100 dollars! That became a major reason I was spending less.

When I decided to pursue minimalism  and I started letting go of stuffs, I became even more ninja when it comes to acquiring things. But remnants of my spendthrift days are still here, lurking around, not being used. It makes me feel bad that I wasted money on things I thought would bring happiness. Oh well, right? No shame, no blame! At least I didn't go into debt just to acquire these things.

 I don't reward myself with stuffs anymore, I reward myself with stocks! Über coolness, right?! hehe

These were stuffs I was once addicted to buying:

  • Converse Chuck Taylor-- I have a love affair with all things Chucks cuz I'm tomboy like that. I only have one pumps just in case there's a formal gathering. I'm glad that I only added 3 Converse after this picture. A blue , a flat girlie one and the customized one, but I have been meaning to get the white chucks but naaaaah, not now.. I have enough to last me a lifetime.

To tell you how crazy I am with Chucks, I designed my own, which I never wear coz "sayang". haha. It has the first 3 letters of my name, which I covered and the CE stands for Collector's Edition... Naaaah, it's actually my initials. Hehe

  • Perfume- There was a time that I can identify what perfume someone is wearing. Put me in a crowded place and I would secretly sniff people and would identify what scent they are wearing. I originally have almost 20 bottles. Ultimate regret :(

Other weakness:

•Flip flops
•Thrift store shopping
• Workout clothes-- sporty ones

I overcame my spending phase long time ago. The spendthrift monster is locked and chained  in the deepest part of the abyss. I have stuffs to last me a lifetime. 

How about you? What are your spending weakness? I hope you'll overcome and tame those the-urge-to-splurge monster. 


  1. i had a fair share of my shopaholic days, first branded clothes & shoes when i started my job at ayala, then south sea pearls jewelries since i worked in a prestigious pearl company in philippines. i then became an ofw and every year coming from vacation, my luggages are full of brand new clothes, shoes and accessories since it is more expensive to purchase abroad. make believe that i actually save money by buying once in a year stock of new things. since i was earning more, then travel in europe, i always make sure that i can do it once a year with my friends during short holidays. shopping here and there, collecting jewelries particularly the earrings and diamonds which i realized later that gold has more value than diamonds:( after 5 long yrs as an OFW, and total 11 years in corporate world, i am glad that i managed to invest into different investments (VUL, MF & Stocks), now i am trying to be frugal as can be.... though sometimes, being 'magastos' is always inside me... u r so lucky that you realized your mistake at an early stage. i could retire this year if i started investing 15yrs ago...

    1. that's what I keep telling myself whenever I beat myself up for all the stupid financial stuffs I did in the past that I stopped myself before it got out of hand but all those wasted money, ouch.sayang:(

      It's so lonely here and I want to go home so badly na that's why I'm trying to squirrel away as much as I can para maka uwi na.

      Good luck to your financial independence journey and thanks for stopping by.. :)

  2. I have this penchant for perfumes too. Just yesterday, I wanted to get myself another bottle. Salamat! I was able to control myself.

  3. cool chucks! you design your own? i'm curious - how? like you had it custom-made? sent them a design? or you actually did DIY-style?

    on to topic; i'm not much a spender on things. it's the daily taxi rides that i consider overspending. although, i've been successful at just limiting it to home-to-work in the mornings. before, it's everywhere i go. so, i'll count that a success. still finding a hard time waking up early to travel by jeepney - way, way, cheaper

    1. About make-your-own Chucks, it's in their website. You design it there and they'd ship it to you:)

      Yah, I think that's a big leap when you just go home directly from work coz If your go somewhere, you are likely to be tempted to spend.


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