Saturday, September 28, 2013

My After-Workout Meal + Supplements

According to my research plus my friend's suggestion, we should eat after a rigorous workout/run 15 minutes (minimum), 30 minutes (maximum) to feed those hungry muscles.

 I jogged for 5 miles today (40 mins) and walked for 2 miles (9 mins). Below is my post-workout meal and my supplements I have been taking.

•Banana with 1 tbsp peanut butter
•Fish Oil
•Opti-Women Vitamins

I also alternate between this meal or whole wheat toasted bread with Nutella and peanut butter plus milk. 

One thing I don't scrimp is fruits and veggies. My frugality ends with stuffs but not with healthy meals. You might think I am super duper healthy but naaah, I have trouble controlling my sweet cravings from time to time, but I am making a conscious efforts to eat healthy meals most of the time.

Let's get healthy!


  1. Hi,
    Can I ask what is the effect on your body when you take fish oil supplement? :)
    I am only taking Vitamin C everyday,hehe

    1. Fish Oil aka Omega 3 is good for the heart, skin, hair, brain, metabolism etc.. ;)


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