Sunday, September 15, 2013

Running Challenge Completed

My friend and I tried the Nike+ App Challenge (PUT UP OR SHUT UP). It was both our first time. This is how the app basically works: when someone invites you for a challenge, and if you accept it, then the challenge will begin at the time set by the one who invited you. You don't have to run together, though.

And guess who won? ME!!!!

I have to cover my friend's name for privacy purposes

We run 6 miles. It was a fun experience. It feels like someone beside you is challenging you. I have no choice but to show my running prowess. haha!

It gave me an excuse to reward myself with frozen yogurt on my way to the library.  :) I was torn between Coldstone ice cream and frozen yogurt, but I'm really glad I decided to have froyo, its cheaper and healthier!


  1. I am also using Nike+App! I really like this running app but unfortunately right now I don't have a friend whom i can put up a challenge with. I'll be looking for one next time..hehe

    You have run 6 mi!Wow I can't bet that! :)

  2. Maybe your friend's phone wasnt working well or he was sick? Not doubting you won, but things like this happen.

    Just like how the ref screwed me last night on Nights of Champions. Things happen.

    Either way, congratulations!


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