Thursday, September 26, 2013

Frugal Tip: Take Candies Whenever, Wherever

My Own Stash

  If you are looking for ways to cut back, look at the way you are snacking. Little things do add up.

Going somewhere? A bag of assorted candies and water bottle intact and I'm ready to go...

Whenever I go somewhere, expect me to be carrying candies and water bottle with me. This strategy has save me a great deal of money.  

Hungry? No need to buy food,  I can pop candies or chew on some tootsie rolls and my hunger is in control good for when I arrive home. Thirsty? Lemme refill my small water bottle with water on that fountain.

Again, this has save me money and kept me from eating out a lot, which means extra savings, plus it's healthier than munching on those hamburger.

You can't go wrong with Jolly Rancher, Ricola and Tootsie Roll alongside water.

I am an avid fan of this little buddies of mine. 

How about you? What do you do when you get hungry while on the go? Do you just go and give in? Do you just buy a chips in the nearby sari-sari store or  just eat  in a fast food restaurant


  1. Hello! I knew it. Your name looks familiar! This post is so timely.
    For "always-hungry" ones like us - this is definitely a life (and money) saver ♥

  2. Nice! I carry water bottles too.

    Maybe I should carry candies as well:D but then again my sweet tooth might make that an expensive option too:D hehe

    1. Mint Candies do the trick. The fitness website I read a while back said that to control cravings, you should brush often or rinse with mouthwash often. And it's true, after brushing, u feel like not eating. It's true with mint candies,too. Snowbear! Oh yah!

  3. Thanks a lot for the tip! My eating out during errands lessened when I followed your tip..More tipid tips? : )

    1. I'm glad it's helping you :)

      I have few ideas on "tipid tips". I will share it soon.



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