Thursday, January 8, 2015

Few More Days to Go: Coin Hoarder + Tying Up Loose Ends

O.M.G! Ilang tulog nalang! 

I'm lucky that I'll be in the Philippines in time for His Holiness Pope Francis' visit. One of my "before I die" thing is to see a Pope and to attend a mass conducted by a Pope at St. Peter's Square. Maybe later na ang St. Peter's Square, seeing the Pope muna! I am excited na ewan! Ayyyy! Though it's a sad homecoming coz my father's brother died. I remember those times when my father was in coma, I used to live with them and I always end up sleeping on the couch while watching TV. My uncle will then carry me and put me to bed beside her daughter. He was like a father to me and I'm super sad about his death. At least, nag ha-high five na si Papa at si Uncle somewhere out there now.

  • Closing my bank account: It felt like my expat life finally comes to an end the moment I close my bank account the other day. The manager I talked to said she used to work for Chase in Cebu, and she liked it there a lot. I could tell that she used to live in the Philippines for a while because she didn't pronounce Cebu weirdly (not "Say-boo", you know)

  • Changing my coins: I am a coin hoarder, what can I do? Watch the video for a proof and see how much coin I hoarded at the end.

  • Deactivating my pre-paid phone line

  • Doing some tourist-y stuffs: I went sightseeing. I used to ignore a famous tourist spot nearby and since I am going home, I need to see it all one last time. I took tons of pics.
It so darn cold now! 10 degrees but feels like zero degree, the weather channel said! It snowed the other day, by the way- the first snow of the winter. Mother Nature really wanted me to see a snow before I leave, huh?

    One last selfie with Sir Abe. Four score and seven years ago...

  • Returning the last DVD I watched (The Awakening)  and the last book I read (You Can be Happy No Matter What) to the library: I secretly said goodbye to the library. Gosh, I shall miss that place! Books were my best friends for the longest time, library was a place where I got all my entertainment for free! For that, I am super grateful.

  • Giving up my tripod and a whole lot of stuffs: I was so over the 50 lbs limit, so yah.. need to give up stuffs. Oh well, it's just stuffs. I can afford to buy it all again if I need it. Trust in abundance.

  • Downloading tons of e-books in my Kindle for the loooong trip home: Actually, You Can Be Happy No Matter What is not the last book I am going to read borrowed from the library. I downloaded 10! Yes, 10! 10 is the limit for e-books, so I downloaded 10. This will hopefully keep me entertain while on long layovers and such.

  • Finalizing my suitcase:  All my bags are pack, I'm ready to go! The main goal of this blog is at hand. See you soon 'pinas!


  1. OMG!!! God is Good. I was a bit down due to some work situation. Just prayed that things will be all right.
    Your picture with The Great Abraham Lincoln made me SMILE as in GRINNING, hehe... God's answer may not be much to people, but your picture with Abe is more than enough for me. Our God knows the little details about our life.

    Thank you for taking the time to do the touristy thing. You made one little soul here VERY MUCH HAPPY!!!!

    hehe, obviously - I'm a Lincoln nut. (my not very updated blog is proof of it, ) but just thank youuuuuuuuuuu....

    1. Hey Vet, hehehe

      Idol d ai nimo si Lincoln, cool cool cool

  2. Woah, ang daming coins! One cent nalang and $210 na?! Wow! I need to keep track of my coins. It could up talaga noh?

  3. Congratulations! I just recently discovered your blog and I have since read every post! You inspire me a lot, and because of that, I have been saving hangtud sa kaya! ;-) You are such a blessing to your family. I pray that everything goes well for you once you're back. After seeing the Pope, you also get to join the Sinulog fun! Pit Señor!

    1. I welcome you here! I'm glad I kind of inspire you *blush*

  4. wow.. that's tons of coins luckily there's a coin counter. :-)


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