Monday, January 19, 2015

Mish-mash of Thoughts: Getting to the Philippines, etc.

  • I arrived at Singapore Changi airport January 13th, 4AM. My luggage was in disarray so I plopped on a corner, took all my stuffs and started to arrange the total chaos that was my luggage. I noticed somebody walking towards my direction and she keeps looking at my luggage. Seriously, she keeps looking at it as if looking at what's in there. I wasn't thinking she was a robber coz she was wearing a uniform of some sort, and she was undeniably pinay. That's when it hit me: "I am nearing the Philippines na pala where in people stare at you no matter what." Maybe she thinks I am major taga bukid for sitting 'crisscrossed applesauce' on a corner. haha!

  • In my 42 hours travel, I have been to 4 different airports, and Singapore Changi Airport is the most impressive! I was shaking my head super-bad and murmuring to myself how this airport is a "consumerist haven." I really wanted to get something hot to eat, but I was overwhelmed with tons of choices and I ended up not buying anything.

  • Majority of flight was spent aboard Singapore Airline Airbus A380. I didn't know it was a big deal until I 'googled' it. Apparently Singapore Airline is the first airline to fly the legendary A380 which by far the biggest kind of airplane yet (correct me if I am wrong, though)

  • I chose window seats aboard Virgin America and Singapore Airline but ended up choosing the aisle seat on  SilkAir (Changi to Cebu flight.) I was thinking that I should choose the aisle seat so I can dash out asap the moment I land in Cebu. I ended up totally regretting it coz I missed all the view! (I was flying around 9AM, arrived in Cebu around 1 PM.)

  • Dang, there are a lot of Filipinos in Singapore! I often hear bisaya here or tagalog there, but man... I cant seem to make friends. I got used to being alone and keeping to myself.

  • The moment I was nearing Cebu, I got major grin on my face. I keep looking out the window with my Joker grin on my face with no regards on what people on the middle and window seat thinks (they were old couple from Davao.) I even saw what looks like our subdivision! Yah, I live near the airport.

  • The road to the subdivision we're in was under some major renovation exact same day that I arrived. When I look back at it all, it was hilarious! I got super confused, ended up riding a 'tri-sikad', my 3 luggages were in the under 'tri-sikad' while I was riding other tri-sikad keeping a close eye on my luggages coz I am paranoid like that.

  • I truly am enjoying my tri-sikad rides and jeepney rides around Mactan. Seriously, I am so paranoid with snatchers and all but why do people flash their iPhones and expensive gadgets in public while here I am, getting paranoid because I don't want to my pink, inexpensive phone to get stolen. haha! I could only laugh at myself.

  • What appears to be so big a city Cebu was to me 5 years ago became so small and crowded now (except I.T. Park, which looks like a posh small town where I used to live)

  • Do I regret coming home for good? Except for the mosquitoes, I truly don't regret coming home for good. You see, this is HOME.

  • Filipinos are vain and clean-freak, I can tell by all the TV commercials. It's either pangpa-puti, shampoo or laundry soap. No wonder Filipinos don't know any investment instrument coz there is no single investment commercials I've seen pa (correct me if I am wrong.) Maybe later down the road, may investment commercials na here and there na.


  1. Wow, it's nice to know you're back in Pinas na! How was the welcome reception of your family? There's really no place like home. I can't wait to read your stories while you're here. I hope you will still talk about financial stuff because I really learn a lot from your blog. I'm sure I'm not alone and there are hundreds, if not thousands of us, learning from you. And for that, I wanna say thank you. :)

  2. I've always wanted to see the Singapore airport, in fact, sometimes I'm tempted to go to Singapore just to see the airport.

    Anthony Bourdain featured it once in his show and it had a pool, butterfly garden, cinemas etc. etc. etc. Wowza!


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