Saturday, May 27, 2017

Severe Water Supply Problem in Cebu: Poking a Hole in My Paradise

Man oh man! The water supply problem is making a big comeback and it's severer than last time!

If you have been following my blog, I have been complaining about water supply problem last year so I spent my first salary from my online job installing pressurized water tank. All was well until few weeks ago. The water supply system in Cebu has been on and off. The pressure can't go up the tank so I don't have water stored in the tank. We went back to the medieval way of fetching water, and man I. AM. TIRED....

Read my last year complain here   and read my post when I bragged about my pressurize water tank   here .

Also, check out MCWD's Facebook page to let you know that I am not exaggerating.   I've heard that they aren't accepting new applicants na due to this problem. Patay!

I've come up with several solutions. First, I let the plumber install a faucet outside my house which is near the water meter. It didn't work.

Can you see my palmera? It's dying!

 Last, I let the plumber install a faucet in the water meter because a lot of people in my subdivision has been doing it. I don't know if it's illegal but we don't have choice. Wala talagang tubig! We still have to get up at 3 AM to fetch water though. 

The current situation

My neighbors and I were joking na we are like hermit crabs because we are slowly getting up at night. Hahay!

I have been thinking of installing a deep well system. I have been researching about it. Some of my neighbors have this kind of system and according to my research, it cost about 45-60 thousand to have have it dug and installed. I am really considering it but I do need to research more about it since I live in Lapu Lapu, which is a place known for beaches and such. Baka pag dig nila, salty na ang water so sayang lang ang 60k ko. Though my neighbors don't have problems naman with salty water. I don't know. Baka I won't go to my Europe trip na because of this and because of Manchester attack. I'm attending pa naman GnR and Aerosmith concert and hearing about the news scares the living shit out of me. 


  1. Consider installing water pressure booster pump.

    1. You mean that thing which makes your water pressure super strong leaving your neighbors without water once you turn it on? In bisaya, we call it "pasuyop". I have been thinking of getting one but it's illegal. A lot of my neighbors have one. The subdivision plumber rat them out so they are in a lot of trouble. Mostly from people who talk bad about them. I don't want to deal with my neighbors kasi mga backbiters masyado ang mga tao dito. My neighbors reported them na sa water supplier. Some got their water meter removed and they got penalized because of that. Unfair naman talaga to other people who have don't have one, if I think about it.


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