Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Consumerism: Is it Me or Am I Weird?

I am at a point in my life where watching haul videos on You Tube and reading reviews don't tempt me to buy, buy and buy anymore

I stopped watching You Tube videos for about a year coz I realized that it was a spending danger zone for me. Now, I can  watch without being tempted. This super power is a product of "knowing thyself", reading tons of frugal books and blogs, listening to a lot of personal finance podcasts and deciding to be a minimalist. 

For me, watching hauls gives me a dose of as-if-I-shopped-but-really-didn't without  having the need to deal with all crap the later.

A weird way to participate in consumerism, right? But it took me a while to develop this "super power" just like it took me a while to love my naturally tan skin color having been born and raised in a country where media is brainwashing people to be white,and a country where people think having fair skin is beautiful. 

I hope you'll find ways to develop your resistance to consumerism coz really, you either get broke chasing the latest trend or get buried by stuffs you don't even use just to impress people you don't even know or like. 


  1. Yey new post!! Haha everyday I kept visiting your blog longing for another post!! Hehe :)

    1. I post once a week and mostly during weekends. My laptop, which is almost 5 years old or so, is acting up that's why I open it just once a week.

      Now you know my schedule, I hope this info helps so you don't have to go back and forth here and there though I still love it when you check back here often. Whatever works,right?

      Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. :)

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    1. You can subscribe to her posts by email so you'll get an update every time she has a new post. Check out the link at the bottom of her blog.

  3. I keep visiting this site, coz I like all your posts and it's fun for me to read it again hehe :)

  4. I've developed this "super power" as well after I trained myself to only buy what I need. But to get to that level, I seriously avoided the mall, online shops and my triggers. I would come up with lists of the things I need and then continuously edit those lists, so that when I do go to the mall, I would only pick up what I need. Big no-no ang going to the mall just for pasyal!

    The thing with not buying a lot is that I eventually realized that I didn't need most of what I purchased and they just ended up cluttering my house. And as much as I loved buying things, I hated clutter even more, so it was a no-brainer to stop accumulating so much stuff.

    1. Ai, me too! I treat going to the mall as "chore". I actually went to the mall this year just to see if I really can stop myself from buying or if I can be tempted and you know what? I didn't even buy anything. I ended up going home empty handed with an achy legs from walking


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