Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What I Usually Eat: Easy and Personal Meal Planning for Lazy People Like Me

I've mentioned here and there that I usually eat alone and I only pig-out whenever my brother is around (usually three meals a week or even less.) Since I'm mostly alone and I get lazy preparing elaborate food if it's only me that's going to gobble it down, I've developed kind of meal planning that's easy and take less time to prepare.

When I was abroad, my cheat meal were McDonald's french fries and sundae (click here for more details.) Since I came home, my cheat meal,aka comfort food, changed. Instead of McDonald's french fries and sundae (I could get a lot of veggies and fruits with that price) I am down to pancit canton ( spicy), dried fish and lotsa rice (once a month). OMG! It's unhealthy I know but what's the use of comfort food and cheat meal if it's not full-blown unhealthy, right? 

It is easier and less time consuming for me to shop for food if I know what I usually eat. I'm the type of person who can stick to the same meals over and over again and I'm not choosy so I am super glad for that.

I do the grazing method wherein I eat small food/meal every two hours or so. I don't starve myself and this has been a way for me to watch my weight and, since I don't want to overeat, this has been also a way for me to save money. Thanks oatmeal, banana and mangoes!

Here are the food I usually eat:

  • Mixed Veggies with small meat
By far, this has been my go-to food, easy and healthy, plus I can give this to Stark and Pepper too! This could last me 4 to 5 meals.

  • Ginaling ( Giniling/Ground Meat)

My brother's favorite! I put carrots, green peas and potatoes in it. Nakakarami ang mga ingredients na 'yan, diba?

  • Instant Oatmeal

Ahhh, my favorite and probably the easiest meal/snacks. I usually put honey as a sweetener ( bought at La Nueva for Php 129) and banana. And maaaaan, this meal/snacks makes you full for few hours. I usually have RAM instant oatmeal for Php 100 per kilo ( cheap and local, what more could I ask for?)

  • Tortang Talong with mixed veggies and cucumber salad

Tortang talong has been one of my comfort foods ever since forever. I regularly made this when I was abroad whenever my taste buds were looking for pinoy food that's easy to prepare. Now, I regularly stock eggplants coz it's cheap (Php 50 per kilo.)

For cucumber salad, I put ground pepper and vinegar with it. It's yummy yummy in the tummy if you ask me!

  • Egg Omelette sandwich

I usually mix my egg with carrots, sayote and whole loads of veggies in it. For the sides, I go for cucumber salad. And I can't even make a sandwich without banana ketchup! Sorry, the photo is blurry!

  • Fruits ( banana, mangoes or whatever fruit that is in season and grown locally)
I usually eat the fruits straight up or make it into a fruit shake, whatever I am in the mood for.

Of course, I can't go through the day without coffee! I also have a cupcake whenever my sweet tooth comes calling.

And whenever I really don't have time to prepare for food because I was out or whatnot, I usually open a canned food ( Century Tuna or Beef Loaf) that's why whenever I do my grocery shopping, I have a bit of canned food here and there. It's for my brother too when he arrives home from work and starving ( very rarely). Canned food? Unhealthy, I know but I'm being true here! I know you have canned food in your house, too!

There you have it! Easy to prepare meal/s that fits my budget and my lifestyle.

What about you? What do you usually eat and what diet do you follow?


  1. cucumber salad is my favorite too.. nakakalaway naman ang mga postings mo..especially the mangga. hehehe

    1. ang sarap nga ng cucumber salad noh? sometimes I put a little bit of sugar in a raw with vinegar, sweet and sour na! Yummy yummy in the tummy!

  2. I do the same. hahaha. I eat almost every 2 hours since during pregnancy. I didn't know about it before until my OB recommended it since I was getting bigger and bigger that time and I can't control eating. :) I also have cheat meals like a bottle of softdrinks, salty chips, and chocolates twice a month.

    1. wow, cheat meal talaga yan girl! talagang complete ha? may sweet at salty! What's the use of cheat meal if healthy, right? hehe!

  3. hi pinasforgood,

    you're right, nagpapakatotoo ka lang about canned goods. yes it's unhealthy but present naman yan every household. panawid gutom lang, diba? I greatly admire you for posting things you buy without the fear na ijudge ka esp when you post mga pancit canton and delata. hehehe. nagpapakatotoo ka lang I know and I admire you for that.

    1. Hehe, yah, just being real here. if I buy and eat it, then it gets posted sa Wet Market Sunday buys ko. Walang pretend pretend!

  4. I always have giniling in the fridge. Madaling lutuin. Instead of using beef or pork chunks, I use giniling in beef with broccoli, caldereta, menudo etc. Mas madaling palambutin so tipid sa electricity or gas.
    I also stock canned goods and instant noodles. Ewan ko ba pero I feel secured pag madaming pagkain sa pantry lalo na ngayon parating may bagyo.

    1. Wow, that's a very good and healthy ingredients sa giniling. I'll try that kaso walang broccoli sa wet market eh, heheh!

      Yah, as what the previous reader's comment said, panawid gutom lang. ehhehe


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