Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Cheat Meal

Hot Fudge Sundae and Large Fries

As mentioned in my post, Addicted to Saving Money, I grudgingly set a side a "cheat meal" once a month just so I won't feel like I am depriving myself with small wants. I was thinking "Ka OA mo naman, pa "grudgingly" pa ang drama mo eh 3 dollars lang 'yan. Ka OA mo!" Haha! It's true, I hate spending this 3 precious dollars, but I must do this or I'll end up a miser! Ha!

I usually eat these unhealthy monsters once a month and I did just that earlier. I spent $3.69 to be exact. I used to spend the bulk of my salary on eating out , but since I've become a frugal-borderline-cheap, I dropped my eating out to once a month.

A little story of my life: don't you know that I can count with my two hands how many times I ate at Jollibee? That's right, in my over two decades staying in the Philippines, I've only eaten Jollibee less than 10 times! That's how poor I was, but now, I can bravely say that I was poor and I haven't eaten Jollibee more than 10 times BUT I now owned JFC stocks, which is like 20 percent of my portfolio. How's that?  :D

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