Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wet Market Saturday

I had my wet market run yesterday around noon time because the guys were picking up the lumbers and I don't want to leave the house while they were around just for security reasons. It was my first time going to the wet market around lunch time and it was a bad, bad idea. First, the meat shop where I get my sawdust wasn't open ( their Saturday schedule starts at 2PM) and no more cassava suman left plus my suki where I usually get my veggies has class till 1PM. So yah...

The best times to go to a wet market in Mactan area based on my observations are early in the morning and around 5PM on weekends. Though there will be little left on kakanin choices if you go during 5PM.

What I bought yesterday:

  • Fruits: Php 35
Mangoes- Php 15
Banana- Php 20

  • Veggies: Php 57

  • Eggs: Php 24 ( Php 4 each)

  • Ground Pork: Php 28.50

  • Chorizo: Php 20

  • Kakanin: Masi Php 20

  • Corn Grits for Stark and Pepper: Php 31 ( 1 kilo)

  • Sawdust for Stark and Pepper: Php 38.70 (1.2 kilo)

In the other meat shop were I usually get my sawdust, they sell their sawdust for only Php 20 per kilo. So it was a bummer that they were close! At least I know their schedule.

  • Baker's Best Bread: Php 44.50 ( Php 22.25 each)
  • Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 57.70
  • Winner Beef Loaf: Php 13.00
  • San Marino Chili Corned Tuna: Php 29.50 ( A friend recommended this to me. Don't know if it's good.)
  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton: Php 17.40 ( Php 8. 70 each)
  • Brown Sugar 1/2 kilo: Php 19.90
  • Eight O'clock Litro Pack: Php 8.35
  • Bear Brand Adult Plus: Php 81.85


Fruits:   Php 35
Veggies:  Php 57
Eggs:     Php 24
Chorizo:  Php 20
Kakanin:  Php 20
Corn Grits: Php 31
Sawdust: Php 38.70
La Nueva Grocery: Php 300.70


Personal: Php 456.70

Stark and Pepper: Php 69.70 (I got separate budget for them. Will post detailed explanation soon)


  1. Hi! Im also in Cebu! but I dont get these products as low as yours :( Banana costs me 50 and I dont see any 4 peso eggs here ( I buy 6/6.50 eggs here for a regular size or bigger than the regular size). I also heard about La nueva but I dont know any La nueva market/pharmacy here in Talamban and Lahug area though- :(

    1. I guess I'll call myself lucky then. Banana here in our area is Php 35 per kilo ( tundan) and Php 45 per kilo ( lakatan). And yah, 4 pesos per egg is the lowest here in our area though there would be 3 for 10 pesos here and there and I keep and eye on those coz it's cheap and a bit bigger than the 4 pesos each. But if no choice, I go with the 4 pesos each.

      Yep, La Nueva has been my go-to place for anything that I can't get in the wet market. It's much cheaper there. Example: Litro pack (tang or eight o'clock is 8.45 each and other stores sell it for 9.15 each) and the surf bar there is 17 pesos each ( one strip= 4 bars), other store is php 20. Even though cents lang ang price difference, over time it'll accumulate so that's why I really go to La Nueva but I make sure na I go early coz, maaaaan, the line could get crazy!

    2. Hello PinasforGood! This is Ching again... pwede na ka mahimong staff sa Dept. of Trade and Industry (DTI) coz they monitor prices of basic commodities... btw, it's only today I remember your blogpost wherein you stated that you started this "wet market.." thing because you cannot find any reference on living cost (in terms of food) when you were still abroad, and it's only today I realized that we have DTI to answer it. Here's the link:

      Hehehe... I wonder how your 1-week menu look like out of those you bought from the wet market. hahaha.. maybe another blog post eh? hehehe.. Take care

    3. Ching, sometimes lahi lahi ang mga cost sa dti ug actual jd which makalibog sometimes. kana jd actual unta ako ganahan like mga foreign bloggers ba na they post what they buy jd.

      Anyway, what I bought for this week aren't good for week. I have oatmeal, which I bought few weeks back, and oatmeal is most of the time a meal replacement for me. 3 tablespoon + banana + honey + hot water = super busog na ako niyan and it fillls me up for hours. I think oatmeal is my secret weapon on why I don't eat much coz really, it feels filling in my tummy. The rest, I do eggplant ( two eggplants I bought = 4 meals coz I cut it in half. Then veggie omelette. The things I posted on "what I usually eat" mao ra na akong menu for the rest of the week. Balik balik lang siya. hehehe

  2. San marino corned tuna taste good. I just tried 2 weeks ago nung me naiwan sa apartment na isang can after magbakasyon dun ang family ko. Hehehe. Pinainit ko wtas nilagyan ko ng scrambled egge. Ayun, masarap nga. So maybe i'll include it in my grocery list once in a while. :)


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