Friday, July 3, 2015

Wet Market Saturday

I decided to do my wet market run today because the current weather here in the Philippines is going nuts. It constantly rain with low 70s type of temperature (can't believed that it could get this cold here in the Philippines.)

Note: I still have eggs , meat, fish, oatmeal (very important) left , so I decide not to pick those up today.

  • VEGGIES: Php 65

  • Banana: Php 23 ( Php 30 per kilo) Yah, my banana looks like it got tortured. I just shoved it in the eco-bag. It was entirely my fault.

  • Kakanin: Php 20 ( 5 pcs for Php 20) Yah, the suman is actually cassava. I love the cassava more than the other kind of suman (I forgot what it's called.)

  • Pork Sawdust for Stark and Pepper: Php 20 per kilo

  • Baker's Best Bread: Php 44.50 ( Php 22.25 each)
  • Blend 45 100g: Php 65.35
  • Eight O'Clock Litro Pack: Php 33.40 (Php 8.35 each)
  • Plastic Bag (Poo bags for Stark and Pepper): Php 12.75
  • Surf Bar: Php 17.70
  • Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 57.70
  • UFC Banana Ketchup 550g: Php 29.95


Veggies: 65.00
Banana:  23.00
Kakanin: 20.00
Sawdust: 20.00
La Nueva Supermarket Grocery: Php 261.35

TOTAL: PHP 359.35

While I was in La Nueva, I was debating if I should buy my usual cupcakes but I stopped myself and figured I'll just get the yummy kakanin and I'm glad I did. Enjoying it  right now with a cup of Cafe Blanca while fiddling with my blog in this cold-ish noon here in Mactan:

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