Tuesday, July 28, 2015

COL FUND SOURCE: Investing Mutual Fund Online Using Your COL Account

So, since I don't have much to do these days, I have been visiting my COL regularly just to see how the market is doing, not because I want to be an expert but because I am just bored these days.

One day, I noticed a "Mutual Fund" tab added ( see picture below, I encircled the it) and I thought, maybe it is just there all along and I didn't notice it. Of course I clicked on it just to see what it is. Apparently, you can now invest in any mutual fund ( I see two of my mutual funds I invested in) online using your COL account. I really thought this feature is old until I received an email earlier ( see second picture below.)

So, there you go... No need to go the bank to deposit money to 'that' mutual fund account, no need to scan the receipt ... no need to... ahhh! I remember those times that I have to mail every freakin' application forms to every single mutual fund I was interested in, now no more! This is great news to OFWs!

COL App and now this? Now I'm impressed. COL is making investing easier for us!


  1. This has been available since late May :) I was one of the members who requested to have access to this earlier on..I had it since beginning of June. It is user friendly and easier. No sales load. :) try it --kath

  2. Hi, may questions lang ako about COL and stocks:

    first - sorry kung medyo stupid lang yung question ko pero kailangan mo pa ba magkaroon ng TIN para makapag open ng aacount sa COL? If yes, is it possible na huwag na lang?
    second - for stocks, diba may balitang may dadating na the big one which earthquake nga, tingin mo okay pa din mag-invest sa stock market?

    Hinihintay ko lang (ooppss ang sama ko, hindi sa hinihintay ko talaga pero syempre kinakabahan kaya lang dapat prepared diba?) then saka ako mag-invest na talaga.

    Thanks, sorry ang daming tanong haha

    1. https://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/open_an_account.asp

  3. Hey, when I applied for COL account five or so years ago, to be followed lang yung TIN number ko so they were okay with it. OFW ka ba? coz if you are currently abroad, you can let someone apply TIN for you but provide them with authorization letter and your photocopied ID. That's what I did and super easy lang pag secure ng TIN number ng mama ko. ( I dont know pala ha if that to be followed TIN number sa COL is okay pa coz, as I said, that was 5 years ago na)

    Earthquake, flood and whatever natural disaster you can think of, of course, ma apektohan talaga ang stock market niyan pero if it'll bounce back naman eventually but for me, timing the market and waiting for something to happen is a big investing no-no. Dapat invest regularly no matter if the market is up or down but if you want to time the market then it's really up to you.

    I actually written something about "timing the market" sa blog ko. Do dig it up.

    Good luck. :)


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