Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

I'm still good with oatmeal though I might be out of it by the end of the week.

I bought scallion coz my scallion in a water were eaten by Stark and Pepper, so I need to grow new ones.

Here's what I got today:

  • Banana: Php 38

  • Veggies: Php 44

  • Bangus: Php 50 ( Php 100 per kilo)

  • Eggs: Php 27 ( Php 4.50 each)

  • Kakanin + Choco Lanay: Php 25

Find Starky's Snout!

  • Corn Grits (For Stark and Pepper) : Php 32

  • Bones ( For Stark and Pepper): Php 20

  • Sawdust ( For Stark and Pepper) : Php 61 ( Php 30 per kilo- Php 10 increased)

  • Kim's Sukang Hang (made in Cebu, so yay!): Php 52.45 ( 375 ml) My goodness, I thought this was just Php 25! I'll check next week.
  • Blend 45 Coffee 100g: Php 65.35
  • San Marino Chili Corned Tuna: Php 29.50 (have you noticed that this guy has been present in my Wet Market Sunday posts since the day I tasted it few weeks back?)
  • Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 57.70
  • Baker's Best Bread: Php 44.50 (Php 22.25 each)
  • Eight O'Clock Powdered Juice: Php 16.70 (Php 8.35 each)
  • Bear Brand Adult Plus: Php 81.85
  • Jersey Condensed Milk 390 ml: Php 25.75 ( I mentioned in my last Wet Market Sunday post that I have this Mung Bean Ice Cream recipe that I found online ( reason why I have mung beans in the house was also stated in that post.) It was yummy by the way so I decided to make more since I still have mung beans left.)
  • Ram Green Peas 100g: Php 8.25
  • Steel Wool: Php 8.95



Fruits and Veggies:    Php 82
Fish              :    Php 50
Eggs              :    Php 27
Kakanin           :    Php 25
La Nueva Grocery  :    Php 391



Stark and Pepper:

Corn grits: Php 32
Bone      : Php 20
Sawdust   : Php 61


Note I: My "Personal" was way beyond my Php 500 per week budget, but it's okay since last few weeks' "Personal" grocery was way below my budget. I do need to check next week since I really thought that the Kim's Sukang Hang was only Php 25 and they charged me Php 52. I'll wait and see.

Note II: I have separate budget for Stark and Pepper and for my Personal. I'll post a detailed budget very soon.


  1. bangus is my to see u posting crab, talaba, greenshells.. hehehe..

    1. Gosh, I wish I know how to cook 'em! Sadly I can't. Though I will be going to the province this All Soul's day and my aunt is hell of a cook so I'll indulge myself with what you mentioned!


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