Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Homeowners Association Fee: How Much Do I Pay Every Month?

Living in a subdivision, one can expect to pay the monthly HOA fee ( Homeowners Association.) Here, we call it "monthly dues."

In the subdivision that I am in, I am paying Php 250 per month for:

  • 24-hour security guard
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday trash collection
  • Electricity ( for lamp posts, etc.) I am glad my unit is near the lamp post. I don't have to turn on a light during the night because of the light from that said lamp post.
  • Baranggay Tanod and Roving Guard that goes around the subdivision every two hours during night time.
  • Cleaning people that cleans the whole subdivision every day

When you live in a subdivision, you can also expect that there are rules to follow. Ours include:

  • No sticker in you car, no entry ( you can only get a car sticker if you are updated with your monthly dues.)
  • Toll fee for every delivery ( Php 10 for motorcycles; Php 20 for 4 wheels and Php 30 for 10-wheelers)
  • Php 50 per hour ( Sunday to Thursday) for every hour basketball court usage ( for electricity) with free usage during Friday night to Saturday night.
  • No practice driving. If caught, Php 500 fine

I noticed that those who doesn't regularly pay the monthly dues are the ones who complains a lot. Filipino thing right there, right?

How about you, how much do you pay for you Homeowners Association fee, if you have one? Is your subdivision strict when it comes to rules and such?

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  1. I pay 1,200 per unit x 2 units. Lahat mas mahal sa Manila!!


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