Monday, July 20, 2015

Water Bill Report: May to June 2015 ( GIVE ME MY FEW CENTS!)

For last month's water bill report, click here.

My water bill went down by Php 29, so I'm happy about that. I am expecting much, much lower water bill after the house construction.

Total: Php 229.38

I paid through a collecting center so they have service charge of Php 3.00. I use to pay in PrimeAsia Pawnshop (inside Unitop to be exact) but I stopped paying there coz they don't give change. This month, I paid in RD Pawnshop ( across Jollibee Lapu Lapu Public Market) but just the same, they don't give change. I should lecture them about Exact Change Act. Hmmmm.

I know, I'm iffy about few cents, that I should cut them slack... but man, not giving the exact change, even if it is just few cents, is  I think some kind of corruption. I rant more about it here. Maybe I should make a separate post and expose those stores who doesn't give exact change. hahaha! Wait a minute... that's a good idea! hahaha!


  1. Exact change is a must! Hehe

  2. Kaya nga ako nagpapabarya ng tig 25 cents kasi hindi nanunukli sa jeep ng 50 cents eh!


  3. Naiinis talaga ako kapag hindi ako sinusuklian sa jeep ng 50 cents. Sayang din yun makakabuo na ng 3 pesos! Kaya bilib talaga ako sa mga driver na nagsusukli talaga ng sakto.

  4. Have you also tried paying off online? I think mas hassle-free sya compared to lining up and paying your bills sa Bayad Center?

    1. Hay nako, wala silang available na online feature! Kaloka! Electricity bill nga, walang online though I can pay sa bank pero sa water bill, no online din and wala din sa bank.

    2. really? grabe naman. ako laging ginhawa na I pay them online kasi mejo nasanay na ako na online ang payments ko most of the time.

    3. PLDT lang ang may online, the rest, line talaga ang drama though they said na they are trying to develop online payment na so hopefully in the near future may online payment na ang MCWD and MECO sa Mactan, Cebu area.


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