Tuesday, October 29, 2013

25 Random Things About Me

I'm feeling narcissistic today and decided to post this. Hehe. These are random facts about me beyond anything finance:

  •  I am the only girl among 3 brothers. My "bothers" were the reason I love Chucks and rock music.
Sporting one of my everyday Chucks

  •  Huge fan of Matchbox 20 since Grade 6. At 15 years old, I decided to name my future son Rob Thomas, same name as the MB20's vocalist. Since I decided not to get married, I gave the name Rob Thomas to my nephew. Now I have a 3 year old nephew named Rob Thomas. 

  •  My playlists include all songs of Matchbox 20, Green Day (Dookie and Nimrod albums), Red Hot Chili Pepper.

  •  I don't own Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I love blogging and blog-hopping, though.

  • There is only one person who knows my real identity so I'm kind of careless with what I'm posting here, but rest assured that I am telling the truth despite me being anonymous.

  •  I started Grade 1 when I was 6. Didn't go through kindergarten coz it wasn't mandatory. I graduated college and passed the boards when I was 19. No,  I'm not nerd,  just studious.

  •  Sucker for horror and anything paranormal. I put rosary in my doorknob coz I'd get super scared.

Down the Hill..
Skateboarding for the first time
  •  I sleep holding my rosary.

  •  Straight edge-  I don't  smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs. I am a celibate, too.

  •  I don't like going to mall or bar. I don't like crowd and I don't like the smell of smoke.

  • Tried skateboarding for the first time two years ago. 

  • Went to New York for the first time alone.

  •  Love Investigation Discovery - a channel devoted for anything crime and serial killers.

  • I am 5'2 1/2 tall.

  •  Bullied when I was in elementary. I didn't know how to fix myself. No female to look up to , that's why. Mom isn't the girly-girl type. 

Who wouldn't get bullied with this hair?! Geez!
Learned how to be presentable when I was sophomore in high school. Learned to apply make up after college.

  •  Had my first crush when I was Grade 5, but he was one of the bullies. Ouch!

• My elementary classmates think that I look so different when I reconnected with them through Facebook. How do you like me now, bullies?!
Late bloomer

• Used to run 6 miles straight until I got runner's knee problem. Now, I'm taking it easy.

  • Last time I had pedicure was 2002- 4th year High school. Never had my fingernails done, ever! I know, right?!

  •  Spicy food is yum!

  •  Received Beauty of the Year award when I was in high school. ahem!

  • Seeing the Pope and hearing a mass delivered by the Pope are one of the things I'll do before I die.
Yoda Man

  •  I think  Jedi Master Yoda is hot. Hot, he is

  • • Hopes to be a mountaineer and conquer tons of mountains all over the Philippines and beyond.


  1. I had a lampaso hairstyle when I was in elementary. haha.

    You really are beautiful. I think I told you that in one of my comments before. Uy, I'm not tomboy ha. I just know how to appreciate. :)

    1. Mine was much more grabeh than lampaso, sis! To this very day, I still wonder why my mom didn't say anything about it. Geeez, we are always beautiful in our mother's eyes no matter how bad our haircut is. Too bad, it didn't look good to my classmates. There came a point that a teacher told them (the bullies) that whoever will tease me again would hear from her. I could kiss that teacher!

      Ai, thanks sis! :) Photogenic lang. I know my side and I work with it. hehe

  2. Matchbox 20, woohoo!!! feels like we have so much in common. (not a lesbian, also - hehe..) MB20 was supposed to have a concert in SM MOA Arena last November 8. But too bad, Yolanda came first and their management team decided to cancel the event for safety reasons. So, from Bangkok, they skipped the PH and went straight to Singapore. Sayang!!!

    1. I know! Too bad but I'm kinda a bit happy coz I'm not there to watch them! Haha. Hopefully they would reschedule it na if I'm there! That would be cool!

  3. Replies
    1. Binobola mo naman ako sis! April fool's day kasi! Hehe

      Na chambahan lang yan.

      Thanks for dropping by

    2. oo nga you're soooo pretty

    3. Na chambahan lang yan. I promised!

  4. I enjoy your playlist and maybe because I'm older, mine includes Metallica, Nirvana and Bon Jovi also. I can actually focus better at work with this music.

    I have insatiable appetite for documentaries about crimes and serial killers. And oh not only that, I stayed late at night watching NCIS, CIS, persons of interest, without a trace, etc..

    I oftentimes think I am weird.

    1. We really can tell how old a person is by the type of music he or she listens to.

      Different folks, different strokes, right? Kanya kanyang trip lang yan! :)

  5. i love your blog! :D istoryan pud ko :) unsa imong handle? :D

  6. With it's rarity, it's great to know that I'm not alone who doesn't own Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And who blogs anonymously too.


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