Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fighting Homesickness on a Budget

I do things alone, (yup, loner here!) and it gets lonely sometimes, but I found ways to combat loneliness and homesickness without breaking the bank and without succumbing to retail therapy ,aka shopping- the popular and expensive pastime of OFWs. 

Two places you would find me on my days off:

  • Library

New Arrival Section

OMG, I can't even begin to describe how grateful and lucky I am to be able to use this state of the art library! This library is one of the best and biggest in the country, and I feel so lucky and, at the same time, sad coz walang ganito sa pinas (but I still love'pinas!).

The local library is 3 miles away and whenever I am off from work, I would go to there and burn my time. I can stay there all day coz I can surely find something to do. I swear, this place has save me tons of moolah- entertainment wise. It has great selection of books , DVDs, magazines, audio books, graphic novels, ebooks , free wi-fi, free 2 hours computer usage, etc.. I thank this place for honing my personal finance knowledge. I am privileged enough to read different personal finance book for free. I've watched countless movies old and new, for free. I've borrowed tonsa books and ebooks,too! That's why, as much as possible, I give back by donating my used books to them and by being a responsible borrower.

I would surely miss this place.

  • Jogging/ Walking
These activities are ingrained within me. I feel so much alive after a long run or after hours of walking. I would walk everywhere for miles and miles. It's free, plus it is making me healthy.

One thing I would miss when I get home is the awesome jogging trail. The jogging trail is 4 miles but the whole park is 70+ acres of green space, park, picnic area ,tennis court, playground, cycling, etc.  The government is making ways to get people healthy by making jogging trail accessible and available to everyone. A trail with nature as I like to call it- I would surely miss this too, but I love pinas more.

Jogging trail in Spring

  • Blogging
It has been four months since I started blogging and I am enjoying it. I love connecting to other Filipino finance bloggers and read about ways to save money in the Philippines. Blogging has been my pastime as I am slowly getting Facebook out of my life. I remain anonymous that's why I love expressing myself through blogging. It really warms my heart when someone mentions me on their blogs or when someone  thinks I inspire them. Awwww moment indeed, and I do appreciate it.


  1. i'm with you that there's so much to love in the philippines. sayang there's no such library here. the closest we ever have to a free library like that is the US Consulate's library. they used to hold office in Gorordo, Lahug - but since they've moved to Waterfront and I started working - i've haven't stepped inside their library.

    as for jogging, I.T Park in lahug and the Ayala Business Park grounds are the options here in Cebu, but nowhere near what you'd be leaving behind. they're too near restaurants that most joggers are tempted to chill out after a run :)

    1. The thing about jogging trail being near restaurants and all is you need to look good before hitting the trail coz someone you know might see you and you look "loshang" plus you are tempted to eat out which sabotage the long run and is not good for the pocket. Hahah! here, people don't care what you look like- minding your own business.

      Anyway, I've heard from my kuya that there are a lot of joggers crossing the Mactan Bridge. I dont know if its true, is it? I am asking around for accessible place to jog near Mactan as I will be living there. Too bad I surely can't bring my IPod with me when I run there noh coz a lot of holdup and all. Oh, well. I need to find ways to jog when I get there. No place to jog + not safe aren't an excuse:)

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