Sunday, October 20, 2013

Frugal Tip : No Spending Day Habit

A day or a period of time set by you where you don't spend anything, not even a single centavo aka The Spending Fast.

I have been doing this for a quiet some time and I consider myself hardcore. I can go for weeks without spending. I can go for a month, but I regularly send money to my mom back home so I really can't do this, otherwise my mom would starve.

    Things I do prior to No Spending Day/s:

  • I plan for my meals. This is the time I go over my leftovers and rummage through my pantry.  Cook in bulk. Be creative and be open for substitute ingredients.

  • Transportation should be budgeted ahead. 

  • Plan for activities that don't cost a dime. Suggestions:
                       Walk ( Leisurely or Brisk)
                       Board game session with family
                       General cleaning/ de-clutter
                       Sleeping in
                       Gardening/yard work
                       Talk to family and bond with them

I suggest you refrain from going online. Yes, you can check your email once in awhile, but don't be glued in the web unless you work online. Hey, going online cost electricity ,too. Read a book or listen to some podcast.

Take note: No binge-spending  before and after the No Spending Day.

Try this, it's just a day.. Come on now..

Good luck.

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