Monday, October 28, 2013

Frugal Tip: The Gift of Contentment

Contentment is hard to come by these days. The temptation to consume your way through life is great, that's why I consider contentment as a gift from the Big Guy up there. My daily  and breath prayers include : Lord, give me the gift of contentment.

Being contented with what you have is an important trait to be mastered coz if you don't have the sense of contentment, no matter how much you have, it would never be enough.  

I consider myself fairly frugal, but I still get tempted to spend. Though I always change my mind after thinking it through, it still leaves a hollow feeling inside- the feeling of deprivation. When this feeling of deprivation kicks in, I count my blessings and ask for the gift of contentment, and immediately, the feeling of deprivation dissipate and by then, I'll realize that I am blessed with more than enough. 

Sure, I can afford to buy a silk bed covers that I have been eyeing for the longest time but I chose not to, I'd make do with my cotton cover and I'm contented with it. Sure, I can afford to eat out all the time but I chose not to coz I am contented with my homecooked meals , plus cooking regularly adds to my not-so-good cooking skill.

To this very day, I always and often ask for the gift of contentment and immediately I'd feel a sense of peace and knowledge and I know that the Big Guy is listening. 

Lord, give me the gift of contentment each and everyday. Let me be constantly reminded that I'm blessed with more than enough. Thank you for the opportunity and the ability to do wealth.


  1. I just want you to know that you have an admirer in Dubai. You are an inspiration to me. Nowadays, instead of mindless spending, I take a few minutes sometimes days to decide.
    Sana kahit nasa pinas ka na update ka pa rin ng blog mu.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad I inspire you. These kind of words really motivate me to blog more.

      Thanks a lot and may you continue to drop by here often.;)

    2. I check your blog everyday! I'm 35 and have helped out so many family and friends to the point na til today I have no ipon. Now I have motivation. God Bless!


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