Friday, October 25, 2013

Growing Up Poor Isn't Too Bad

Philippines is a developing country. The gap between rich and poor is so wide. Rich people are getting richer, poor people are getting poorer. 

I've mentioned in one of my posts that I grew up poor. When my father died, my sibs and I got sent to different relatives. I spent my teenage years wiping windows and cleaning before the crack of dawn. I spent my weekends hand-washing clothes. And ooooh,that darn heavy wedding gowns that I have to wash. I sometimes see myself crying, wishing that I could swap life with my cousin who wakes up late and with nothing to do but study while here I am, wet from head to toes, washing one of their clothes.

Now that I am blessed and I looked back, I thank God for letting me experience all of that. I repeat, I THANK GOD FOR ALL OF THAT,  it made me who I am.

Now that I am earning well enough and now that I have taken the road to financial independence, here are the list that I think growing up poor isn't too bad:

• Scrimping is easy

• Leftovers don't fazed me

• Hand-washing clothes? No problem, I grew up with that

• Resiliency 

• Walk everywhere like a boss is easy and now, it have become my pastime

• Fixing things

• Sewing clothes that has holes

Ukay-ukay don't give me the creeps as long as I disinfect it first

• Bad debt is a no-no

• Not picky with food. I eat anything as long as its edible

For the love of veggies- I love vegetables!

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without mentality is here to stay

• Switch to saving mode is easy as ABC

• Daydreaming- hey, that's visualization there! ;)

• I take care of my stuffs

• Being bored is not in my vocab

• Doing things alone on a budget is my way

• I'm not maarte. I don't complain. I make do with what I have.

• I am your best guest. I can sleep in cupboard, no arte there! Cowboy all the way.

• Going under sun doesn't bother me

• Great admiration for simple and laid back life

The list goes on and on..

Growing up poor isn't too bad at all. It prepared me for my life now. I don't think I am able to survive with style  without my experiences.

When I face problems, I see it as a small dot of my life and that too shall pass. 

Hardships are God's way on preparing you for the life you will soon take. Be thankful for the hardships and pick a lesson or two along the way.

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  1. I can relate.
    Mababaw ang aking kaligayahan - that's the advantage of coming from a middle-class family. :)


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