Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Gravity

Ohhhhhhhh man, the movie was amazing!

My friend, who is a movie buff,  keep saying/forcing me to watch Gravity coz it's the best movie specially if you watch it on IMAX.  I kept saying no and would then answer that "I am saving my eyes for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug". I am a Lord of the Ring fan. Thanks to our local library,I've read the LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit book a few times and watched the movies countless times for free. I even memorized a line of two in the movies. Hehe

My friend was nice enough to give me a gift card. Since I have gift cards to burn, I went ahead and watched and boy,  I was glad I did. It was awesome! 76.99 percent of the time, I was gaping! I feel like I can just reach out and help Sandra Bullock figure the whole thing. I kept flinching coz it seemed like the debris would hit me straight to my face!  There was a tearjerker moment too, and the actors did a good job acting. I am totally moved! An hour and a half of cool space experience. Goosebumps and all! Worth the money,if you ask me.

Gravity is my first movie for this year, by the way, and my first movie in 10 months. Whenever I watch on IMAX,  I would always order Five Guys. 

Hey, don't judge. I jogged for 3 miles earlier when the sun wasn't fully up yet and I didn't finish the whole thing1 I brought half home and will have it for dinner later. My first Five Guys in 10 months.

I went ahead and checked my favorite store, Old Navy. I took $50 from my Me Fund and bought workout clothes. I am in dire need of sports bra with padding coz... basta.. I ain't explaining it. If you are a runner, then you'd get what I mean;)

Things I bought at Old Navy:

• Yoga Capri pants
•Sports bra
•Two workout tops

I spent $27 in Old Navy, by the way.The white one is my favorite. It's all on clearance. It's autumn here now and they  are getting rid of all the summer clothes so I got those cheaper , so yay!

The mall I went to is a huge one.  Bigger than SM Cebu,I guess. I just went to the theater , checked the Gap and Old Navy and went home right away. I can't stay in the mall all day, so tiring and too many people. 

I'm now laying down, just recalling the whole Gravity experience. It was truly a nice one and I am captivated.

Surely, not my usual Saturday, but I enjoyed it.  


  1. Glad to hear that you're using your hard-earned money for entertainment purposes :)

    What's up with us kurips that we always feel guilty spending money for fun no?

    1. Tell me about it! I need to remind myself that we work to enjoy life, as long as you already set aside money for the future, you are entitled to enjoy a tiny portion of your hard work. The scrooge within me is stubborn like heck and won't listen. hehe

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