Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Packing Numero Dos: Uncovering "COLLECTIONS" I Didn't Know I Have!

Packing box number 2 isn't as bad as yesterday.

I tried to be organized as much as possible: different bins/containers for different stuffs; a bin for clothes to be donated, a bin for trash, a bin for clothes I am keeping, etc. Incorporating this strategy really helped me, I didn't scream, grumble or complain at all! Thank goodness!

A bin full of clothes I don't use, mostly pants. I live in yoga pants and leggings!
Vacuum bag storage? Super helpful!!

Some of my Converse collection below. I started collecting Chucks prior to becoming ultra frugal/minimalist. I haven't added one since two or so years ago. I've got enough to last me a lifetime!

Sorry, it's blurry!

Apparently, I am 'one cent' hoarder,too!

For someone who doesn't really wear jewelry, I also have some jewelry collection  going on! Most were actually given to me, by the way.


You really never know how much you literally have until you move!


  1. You're really coming home na, that's exciting! Is Red going with you? - Cherx

    1. Hey Cherx,

      Funny how you mentioned My Love, Red. I have been going crazy finding ways to transport him. I don't want to put him in a balikbayan box coz I don't my baby to be away from me. So now, I am looking for suitcase that will fit him or I might buy the official suitcase, so I can bring him along on an airplane ride.

  2. Good luck with all the packing that you have to do! :) I'm sure excited ka na rin umuwi. Wishing you a safe flight on your journey home :)

    1. Hey Jacqueline,

      Thanks! I hope that the cut you have will completely heal and I hope too that the scar will eventually fade. You take care


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