Thursday, November 13, 2014

Defining Financial Freedom: What MY Financial Freedom is Like

Some dream of having a huge house and a millions of peso worth of investment portfolio before declaring: "I am financially free!", not that there is inherently wrong with wanting a big house or having some badass investment portfolio, it's just that I don't define financial freedom that way. 

For me, financial freedom is living in a tiny house in the province. (I have been obsessed with the tiny house movement that has been going on around the world. Google "tiny house movement" or search it on You Tube and you will be amaze!) For me, financial freedom means having enough for my needs and a little wiggle room for relationship-building so I can improve, build and strengthen my relationship with people who matters most in my life. Simple enough, right?

I am use to simple living. I craved for it. I would gladly trade a city life over a quiet life in the province.

Financial freedom means owning my time so I could: 

  • Be able to read books whenever I want

  • Be able to run everyday without having the need to rush because I got to go to my 9-5 job

  • Be able to do work that matters to me and having to care less about salary. To hell if they pay me peanuts, just as long as I am happy with it and it brings growth to myself and to others, all is good.

  • Be able to climb mountains by the next day because nothing is holding me back

  • Be able to change plans just like *that*

  • Be able to move on from one job to another if I don't feel like my present job doesn't excite me anymore or it doesn't bring growth in me, and not having to worry about ruining my finances

  • Be able to live simply, shunning overconsumption  and  excess so I could be able to find something that makes my life worth living coz, as of now, I haven't really found one. Woe is me, right? 

How about you? What "Financial Freedom" looks like to you? Go ahead, define it. There is power in written words.


  1. I've heard about that tiny house movement from the foreign blogs I chanced upon before. And minimalism, too! What life-changing concepts! I am awed by these people. For me, I have financial freedom if I have decent emergency and retirement funds and some growing investments. I have my own house (a farm house is a dream of mine as I want to grow my own food!) and car. Seeing my family enjoying a better quality of life. Having good health would be a good addition, too. :)

  2. For me financial freedom means simple living too, living a life without the hazzle, the struggle & the stress of earning.
    Basta I want to have my own house with atleast 4 "paupahan" beside it & a little business near our house, yung walking distance lang sa bahay, a bit tired of commuting daily with my work plus a small place/farm with lots of trees in a province (maybe in Laguna or Tagaytay) where I can relax & breathe some fresh air there anytime I want.

    1. Wow, maganda! To sum it all up, financial freedom means owning our time without having to worry about money for our daily needs. Good thing is, the simpler we live, the less money we need/less money to put away for the financial freedom moment.

  3. Financial freedom for me is also owning my time and working at something that gives me personal satisfaction, even if the pay is less than what my peers are getting. This is probably why I'll continue working for the government until I retire. After doing work that impacts people, it will be such a letdown to be working day in and out with the objective of increasing your company's bottomline.

  4. really beautiful blog you have here. so refreshing from the blogs i usually follow that are so full of commercialism. yours if very sensible and young people should go in the path of your perspective with regards to living frugally! more power to financial literacy!

  5. "To hell if they pay me peanuts, just as long as I am happy with it and it brings growth to myself and to others, all is good."

    This one is my favourite. I hope it's organic almond peanuts. :-)


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