Monday, November 17, 2014

For Good Update: An Emotional Weekend

My last post was all about me finding out that my employer has already found a replacement. This post is all about how I spent my weekend after finding out that I am really going home for good soon.


After crying on and off the night before, I dragged myself to my usual morning run, but just ended up running 2.50 Miles than the usual 7 Miles. My heart was heavy. I was still crying on and off! I didn't even listen to my usual favorite podcasts. I just think, and thinking was all I did. Gosh, I will surely miss my mga alaga! I was so sad, my appetite was even affected! I was darn hungry, but I don't feel like eating. I fried some yummy tilapia and I forced myself to eat.

Saturday Afternoon:

I spent my Saturday afternoon walking. Just walking till I developed blisters on my left foot (remember, I blogged about my new shoes? Still breaking it in). I must have walked for 4 hours, internalizing everything, enjoying the balmy weather, uttering how I should take all the sights in so it'll register into my memory bank. I also looked for goodbye gifts for my employer. What can I give to someone who has everything?


Sunday was much better than Saturday. I get teary-eyed here and there but not as much as the other day. I ran for 6 Miles, not the usual 7 Miles because my blisters started to hurt.

I already accepted the fact that I will be leaving very soon, that I won't be a part of my alagas' lives. They will always be a part of me. They taught me a lesson I will never forget. My boss also taught me a lesson that no matter how far you've come in life, you can't treat people shit just because they are lower than you. As what Sirius Black said, "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treat his inferiors, not his equals."

Hey, it's my last week of work. It will be an emotional week for me as I say goodbye to all the people who touched my life. They might forget about me, but they will always be a part of me.


  1. Farewells aren't easy but do give yourself a chance to feel lungkot. Besides a good cry is always therapeutic.

    1. I know, right? Tears kind of cleanses me. I feel light from the inside once I let it all out. It's good to cry, I guess

  2. ayyy nakakaiyak nga.. :(
    pero ang kapalit naman nun is you'll be home soon and for good na... :)
    good luck and welcome home! :)

    1. Hey Janice,

      Thanks a lot. Huwag mo muna ako wi-welcome-min, baka hindi matuloy! Knock on wood! Haha!

  3. Parang nakaka excite in a way if nandito ka na Ma'am. :)

  4. hey! nawala lang ako for a few weeks, ito ang naratnan ko! this was written on the 17th, so it's the 21st now..3 or 4 tulog na lang!!

    naka.ka.EXCITE din!

    Go to your destiny, girl! May you enjoy the upcoming "NEW" adventure back in the home country. Yeah, do keep blogging.

    You will surely be missed, if you stop! But more importantly, do keep blogging because what you're doing - inspiring a lot of us Pinoys - is just very commendable.

    May many more others, especially Pinoys and our beloved OFWs, chance upon your blog and be inspired by you. That way, they too will have a paradigm shift and begin looking at helping ka.pamilyas differently. Generally, take steps towards financial freedom!

    Heads up! Traffic na ang Cebu! Anad-anad higala, the Cebu you'll returning is slowly becoming a monster traffic city, hehe..^^

    1. Hey Vet, silingan bia to noh? Haha! Hope to bump into you somewhere in Cebu! :)


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