Monday, November 24, 2014

Packing Nightmare!!!!

OH. MY. GOSH! What the pack?!

I started putting my stuffs in an LBC box to be sent to the Philippines and it's giving me so much stress! I am so overwhelmed!

I literally screamed, like 10 times! I grumbled and complained, beat myself for grumbling and complaining only to do it all over again. Seriously, I can't believed I accumulated sooo much! I even threw away another huge trash bag full of stuffs I don't use, but there's still too much!Ahhhhhhhh!

Not too cluttered in the picture,right? Believe me, it is!

Patay! Hoarders buried alive
Scripted one-o-one

After 6 hours:


Ahhhhhhh, Thank you, Lord! I am done with one box! Another box to be put together tomorrow!

Another step closer to the Philippines!


  1. Naka-abang talaga ako sa mga for good updates mo. In every post you make, parang I imagine myself na pauwi na din ako forever sa 'pinas! Someday, I'll be like you.

    Please update more. Salamat

    1. Hey, thanks a lot! Thanks for following me sa mga ka dramahan ko sa buhay. I guess going home for good is one of the many dramas an OFW have.

  2. You can do it!

    Pak lang ng pak! :)

  3. OMG. reminds me of how we were when we left Dubai. I realized how much stuff we had!

    Goodluck! Masayang experience albeit tiring.

    1. Thanks, Didi.

      You never know how much stuff you really, really have until you move! Masakit sa ulo but excited naman so okay lang!

  4. Haha, ang punny naman. Kaya yan!


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