Friday, November 28, 2014

One-Way Ticket to HOME + A New Luggage!!!

 I purchased a ticket yesterday!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! I can now officially sing: "I'm coming home. I'm coming home. Tell the world I'm coming home..."

December tickets are so,so expensive, so I opted for a January flight. Yah, I won't be in 'pinas in time for Christmas but, I'll just put it this way, it's just one more Christmas away from home. Isa nalang!

Total Cost:

The original ticket cost was like $700+. It totalled $890 because of the taxes, surchages and whatever. Check below for the breakdown.


Let me share with you something something about my flight without giving away the actual details of my itinerary:
  • Total travel time all the way to Cebu airport: 54 hours 40 mins. The usual travel time is less than 24 hours. Since I am too cheap to buy direct ticket, this is what I get. Hey, I really don't mind waiting for longer layovers and all that. It's part of an adventure!
  • Will arrive and "hang out" at 3 airports before arriving to Mactan, Cebu aiport.
  • Longest layover: 18 hours, 20 mins (Can you believe that?! I am excited! Sleeping in the airport? Feels like a true backpacker!!!)
  • My only wish is that they'll hand me an actual ticket but hey, it's 2014, e-ticket is the way to go. I need to print out the ticket by tomorrow though, when my local library opens.

My New Luggage:

So, I also bought a luggage yesterday. I got it on sale because it's a part of a Black Friday deals at Macy's, plus I didn't spend anything because I spent the gift card, which my friend gave me as a goodbye gift. Lucky me!

This luggage is actually for My Love, Red. I was debating if I should buy the luggage that is really made for Brompton, but it is so expensive ($320)! I was about to buy one because I thought, "hey, it's for my peace of mind knowing that Red is well-protected." I'm glad that I looked around before really buying the official hard case luggage from Brompton. I actually "Googled" it, a lot of Brompton owners opted for another way to put their bikes while flying internationally. I'll make sure that I'll put enough bubble wrap around Red so he'll be safe and all. Also, the good thing about opting to put Red in a regular hard case luggage is I can also put my stuffs with him: bubble wrap + Clothes = Red is super protected!

Tag Matrix

Cost: $50, originally $280

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Light weight
  • Spinner Wheels (what makes me want it in the first place)
  • Corner Guard Protection
  • Strong Durability
  • 3 years warranty

    Red's temporary home while flying

I also got a Samsonite TSA approved locks
Cost: $4.99 at Ross ( $10 at regular stores) 50 percent off? Happy!


I am ready to fly !!!!


  1. Yey! Haha... Too bad there ain't no Black Friday sale for airline tickets I presume? Haha that would be cool tho. Hehehe :))

    1. I wish! I was thinking na if I keep waiting and waiting for a cheap plane ticket, hindi talaga ako makaka uwi! Go nalang!

  2. wow, it's finally for good na talaga :) , have a safe trip & good luck!!!

    1. Yup, finally na talaga. Sealed na talaga ang "for good"

  3. I can imagine how much a normal ticket with 1 layover costs like. Have a safe flight and enjoy the layovers! Last travel hurrah.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it wont be my last last travel if you know what I mean. hehe

  4. Ang mahal ng ticket mo sis, enjoy mo na lang yung stay mo diyan

    have a safe trip

    - Anne

    1. Hey Anne,

      Yah, ang mahal nga! Imagine if I chose the usual travel time (24 hours) instead of 54 hours! Ang mahal! Plus, I kind of like na I have longer layovers in 3 different airports. Adventure!! Yay!


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