Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Hole in My Shoes

Now you see a sock:

Now you don't: 

And look at the poor sole:

Well, if you read my post here, I actually bought a new running shoes few months ago. The color was bold, yes, because I bought it spring of this year and I really thought I won't be needing neutral rubber shoes anymore because by autumn of this year, I would be going home for good- as planned. So I thought, heck, might as well buy a shoes that is bright and bold because who needs neutral color shoes when it's summer all year long in the Philippines anyway!

As the weather got colder and the leaves started to change to give way to winter, I saw myself needing some neutral color shoes. I'm really glad I kept my old shoes a little bit longer because I ended up using it again. Yep, for two or so months, I have been using the living crap out of it (if you compare the sole of the shoe above with the sole in the pictures here, you'd noticed I dug a little hole already!)

I know, I don't recommend herd mentality, but boy, when season changed and people started trading their colorful, fun summer clothing to some neutral ones, and you put me in a neutral-wearing crowd, I'd stand out like a cystic pimple! 

With a heavy heart, I bit the bullet and buy new neutral shoes earlier. If only I knew back then that I will be spending another autumn/winter, I would've gotten a neutral shoes few months ago instead of what I got. Oh well!

Here it is, Skechers Running with FLEXSOLE. I got it at Macy's for $39.98, originally $59.98-as seen on the tag:

But honestly, it feels good that I really "used it up and wear it out" my old, blue shoes! This time, I'm really throwing them away. I swear!

Buh-bye my old friend, you have served me well. Thanks for taking me places and braving through miles of running!

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