Monday, August 26, 2013

Philippine Brand Coffee Overload

Morning+Coffee= Bliss

My friend was kind enough to send my all of these coffees from pinas! I love love love the love package I received a week or so ago! It contains stuffs I missed so much!

I am a certified coffee drinker. I consumed 8-12 cups of coffee a day ! We also have a coffee station  at work for the employees and my addiction spiked!

The always full and always fresh coffee at work

I mostly drink brewed coffee made at home and never ever buy coffee at store! Honestly, I can only count with my one hand the times I went for Starbucks! I can afford to buy Starbucks, but I chose not to! Oh yah! 

Let's take a closer look at the coffee that my friend sent, by the way, I am not paid to blog about this:

NESCAFE Frappe Cookies 'N Cream

NESCAFE Frappe Choco 'N Mallows

KOPIKO Kopiccino

NESCAFE Cappuccino

NESCAFE Chocolatte

If I were to rank all of those coffees, it would be in this order:

I love hot coffee more than cold ones

It's 7:41 AM and I am currently having this at my usual early morning spot:

 It's kind of a cool morning, fall is in the air! I'll go for a run soon ;)



  1. You must be very lucky to have a friend like him/her. Though I dont see a friend who would do this. You sure you two are just friends?

    Anyway so much about him, more about me. Did you watch my coronation last Monday?

  2. 8-12 cups! grabe! I limit my coffee consumption to two cups.
    Speaking of coffee, sabi ng asawa ko ang gauge daw kung mayaman na kami ay kung hindi na siya magtitimpla ng 3 in 1 sa pantry. Yung tipong it won't hurt to have starbucks coffee every single day. Donya na siguro ako nun. hahahaha

  3. Haha! Natawa naman ako,sis! I can't bring myself to buy Starbucks,sis! 5 dollars average?! No way! Haha! I have coffeemaker at home so I mostly brewed coffee everyday and consume it through out the day. Feeling ko nga, my employer is feeding us coffee para alert sa work! Haha. 8-12 cups don't fazed me na so I'm planning on lessening the caffeine intake.

    Thanks for reading my blog, btw:)

  4. Looks like some tasty coffee! If you need good places to buy coffee pods at low prices, I recommend


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