Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wet Market Sunday: Gasulito, S&R..

Two Wet Market Sundays merge into one.

Ran out of Gasulito last December 10 ( Thursday) and bought a refill last December 12. Current cost: Php 475

  • VEGGIES: Php 34
- Cabbage: Php 11.25 Bought it at La Nueva. It was on sale.
- White Onion: Php 12.80 Bought this at La Nueva as well. Been wanting some white onion lately
- Tomato: Php 5
- Squash: Php 5

  • Banana: Php 30 (Php 45 per kilo)

  • Sawdust: Php 50 (Php 30 per kilo)

- Downy Garden Bloom 43ml + 2 free: Php 39.40
- Camel Soy Sauce : Php 5.85
- Chlorine 1/4: Php 21
- Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 56
- Surf Laundry Powder: Php 73.10
- Anchor Adult Powder Milk 180g: Php 81.70
- Dazz Dishwasher Bar 90g: Php 6.30
- Ground Cinnamon 30g : Php 19.40
- Arm and Hammer Baking Soda 454g: Php 66.50
- Baker's Best Bread: Php 22.25
- 555 Tuna Adobo: Php 21.65

  • RICE: Php 66 (Php 33 per kilo)

  • Another Sawdust: Php 64.92 (Php 30 per kilo)

  • Bangus: Php 50 (Php 120 per kilo)

  • Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 57.50
  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton: Php. 8.75
  • Energen: Php 60
  • Blue Bay Caldereta: Php 22.25

  • Adult S&R Dog Food 20kg or 44 lbs : Php 849.95 OMG, so excited for Stark and Pepper coz they are now eating adult dog food! Proud mommy here!

  • Lotte Aloe Vera Juice 1.5 L : Php 97.95 No Yakult available at S&R, found this instead. Been wanting to try Aloe Vera Juice. Heard it's good from all the Philippine vlogs I watched when I was abroad.
  • Camel Soy Sauce 1 Gal: Php 98.95 Yah, finally bought soy sauce in bulk. I am so conscious of all the the sachet and bottles I throw. This could last me a looooong time. Expiration: 2020
  • Chekhup Milk Tea: Php 294.95 Just trying this out.


  1. Hi Maria,

    I really appreciate all your Wet Market Sunday posts. It gives me an idea of the current prices in the Philippines. I am half Filipino and planning to stay there long term and your posts really helps me plan and budget. How much is the current cost of renting there? Planning to stay in Cebu area.


  2. How was the milk tea? Hindi ko ata napansin yan dito sa SnR.

    1. Milk Tea was awesome but I feel bad coz it's made in Malaysia. Paano nalang ang " Buy Locally" motto ko. :(


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