Friday, December 11, 2015

Ice Skating at SM Seaside: Novelty and Challenge Bring Happiness

Yep, I did read Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project when I was still abroad and I was proud to  have taken massive notes which exists till now.

Five of my friends and I decided to try something new: Ice skating. We don't have any experience with ice skating whatsoever or tried roller blades. We just want to try it out of curiosity. And so we did... last Sunday.

Yep, that's why I didn't do my wet market run coz I still got food left from previous wet market runs ( hello there fish and chicken neck.) Though I bought 2 kilos of sawdust for Stark and Pepper.

Ice skating was some kind of a challenge. The first round was brutal. I couldn't get myself to stabilize, my knees were shaking, I kept holding on to the side for my dear life, kept uttering how this was a bad idea to spend a Sunday plus YOU HAVE to go clockwise direction and THAT MEANT YOU HAVE TO PASS BY PEOPLE LOOKING AT YOU THROUGH A CLEAR GLASS. E.M.B.A.R.R.A.S.S.I.N.G.

But the second time? It got easier.
The third time? It got easier and easier. I found my balance. Applied the stopping technique I found on You Tube.
Fourth time? I tried gliding with the help of a teenager who showed me how to.
Fifth time? I can glide.

Though I found my balance and I can glide, I still get scared to go to the center, but the joy I felt was tremendous and priceless! It reminded me of the feeling I had after I did a 120 Ft Freefall ( Dropzone) at Dahilayan Adventure Park few months back (My mom brought the pictures to Albay. My cousin took a video of our "fall and swing" but I don't know what happen to it since I don't have Facebook she could "share" it to. We went there for my Lola's birthday before we went to Divine Mercy Shrine. Planning on going back to Dahilayan next year to try out all the extreme rides. I just tried the Dropzone coz I don't want my cousins to feel left out, like here I was trying all the rides, I don't want them naman to expect me to pay for all their rides. Hard to explain but I know that you know what I mean.)

Ice skating at SM Seaside Cebu
Price: Php 380 ( unlimited)
Includes: Shoes

  • Go early coz the line could get crazy and you'll end up with no ice skate right for your size. We went their last Friday but we didn't get to ice skate coz no more shoes left ( to think we lined up for over an hour! Sana the SM Seaside Ice Skating Rink Management would have the initiative to inform those who are lining up about the shoe sizes available para people would have a choice to still line up or try next time.)
  • For first timer, as in who doesn't  have the background on roller skating whatsoever, don't be afraid. The first time is hard. Concentrate. Don't compare. Next time you see that cute teenager girl who zoomed passed you, say hi and ask for tips- that's how I learned to glide. They would be glad for a compliment plus you'll get a tip or two!
  • Get them ice skate shoe tight. Really tight.Bring Knee High Socks. Get fit ( they have shoe fitting area in front of the counter) Having the right size and tight laces helps you glide easily.
  • I was thinking that it'll be super cold inside the rink since it's cold inside the mall na nga how much more inside the rink but for the first timer, you will sweat like a bucket coz the embarrassment of constantly clinging to the sides would really make you sweat. I wound have taken my sweater off ( to think that was a super light sweater) had I not worn a tank top that reveals my inner garment too much.
  • Be mindful of the Zamboni schedule. You know, that weird looking vehicle that makes the ice smooth (ice resurfacer.) If you happen to be way far back and when they call for a time off to make way for the Zamboni and you are a beginner, you'll get stressed out beyond belief making your way to the exit. You'll sigh and think of taking the ice skate shoes off and run!

    Zamboni schedule: 
2:30- 3:00 PM
6:30- 7:00 PM
  • Since it's unlimited, you can go out anytime and explore the mall in between ice skating. They give you wristbands stickers.

I really enjoyed my ice skating experience and would love to do it again, but I hope they will offer an hourly rates.


  1. I never tried ice skating but I used to have roller blades before. I hope I could try it before the year ends!

  2. Don't be afraid! The things that we want to do as a kid shouldn't be forgotten out of fear and most likely embarrassment. Last year, I learned roller blading and longboarding. I fell really hard twice and jump off the board once. No bruises yet. So definitely TRY what you've been wanting to do for so long. It's fun and unforgettable.


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