Friday, December 25, 2015

I Was Not Introduced to the Concept of Santa as a Kid, Did It Ruin My Childhood?

I remember my first Christmas abroad when my employer jokingly asked me : "Have you been naughty or nice this year?"

To that, I didn't have an answer coz I don't know what to answer and then my employer explained to me that if you have been nice all throughout the year, you'd get a gift, and if you have been naughty, you'd get a coal or nothing. Ahhhhhh, okay....!

As embarrassing as it is,  I never knew the Santa Claus story. My parents didn't introduce  the idea of Santa to us at all. I don't know if they don't know about Santa or they purposely didn't tell us about Santa coz we were poor and the idea of introducing Santa to us, which means buying us gifts, was too much for them financially.

Was it a bad thing? Well, growing up not knowing about Santa didn't ruin me or my childhood, that I can assure you. My childhood Christmas memories aren't consist of opening gifts and such but the memories of us being complete, us going to church and my Papa carrying me with my head rested on his shoulder because I'd get sleepy and because I was the princess in the family, those were simple yet unforgettable memories I'll treasure  till forever. 

Christmas isn't all about gifts and spending. 

Good thing my siblings and my father introduced me to Star Wars. To that, I'm thankful.

May the Force be with you all. Have a wonderful holidays!

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  1. Ako rin nung bata ako di rin nasabi ng mga parents ko about Santa Claus.Laking probinsya kasi sila kaya di nila alam yun. Nalaman ko lang about kay Santa sa mga napapanuod ko na cartoons at sitcom sa tv noong bata pa ko. Hehe. Merry Christmas din sayo.


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