Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Year in Review and Realization

I pretty much made a post of everything mention below, feel free to dig it all up.

  • Did the craziest and scariest thing ever: Going home for good (January 13, 2015)
  • Made peace with my relatives who I had misunderstanding with over money
  • House extension  to make rooms for myself and two of my brothers
  • Kicked my older brother out because of drugs, my other kuya invited my mom to live with him in Albay since my mom has been secretly meeting and enabling my older brother.
  • My 18 years old niece who got pregnant gave birth to a baby boy. Still hurts, still not talking with her.
  • I kicked the construction foreman out because we had misunderstanding. House construction will resume by January 2016
  • I learned a valuable lesson when dealing with people who works for you: You can be a friend to them but please set boundaries. You pay them for their services, the more you are lax with them, the more they abuse your kindness. No matter how kind/ religious they appear, they still have bad side.
  • I know how to cross the street without cussing and muttering: Shit, I'm gonna die!
  • I've loved and lost ( My Ganni Bear) and love again ( My Starky Bear and Pepper Potts.) Dogs are truly man's best friend. 
  • Loving dogs is sometimes a great thing than loving humans. Dogs don't betray you, humans do.

Here's hoping for a great 2016! 


  1. dogs > humans. always ;)

  2. I love t\he crossing the street! I remembered a friend who is so afraid of crossing the street. Happy New Year!


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