Thursday, December 3, 2015

SM Seaside Cebu (Grand Opening) + Getting My Hair Cut

November 27, 2015

My friends and I decided to go and experienced SM Seaside on the opening day and that was a bad idea. The crowd was chu-razy! I didn't enjoy it at all. We just walked, got fed up looking and lining for some lunch and decided to buy popcorn instead. Nevertheless it was some kind of an experience.

Be warned: it's damn cold inside the mall so bring some kind of light sweater for those of you like me who has some kind of cold sensitivity issue.

Here are some pictures:

Crazy traffic!

The crown were lining up at Jollibee for some free balloons

The Cube Wing

The Posh Bathroom (Cinema)

Seaview Wing

The traffic going to SM (we were going back to the city proper)

December 1, 2015

 I originally got a waist length hair and decided to cut it to shoulder length. What a way to start a Christmas month, huh? 

Bench Fix
Price: Php 250
Includes: Shampoo+ Conditioner+ Blow dry +  a dab of Kerastese Hair Serum ( which was very good but too expensive if you buy the whole bottle ( Php 1,700)
Tip: I gave Php 25 for the guy who shampooed, etc..  and I gave Php 25 for the guy who cut

My first time in a long time getting  a cut professionally.

Saying goodbye to my long hair
I actually saved my hair coz my aunt wants to make it into a wig

Gosh, I forgot how nice it feels to get your hair shampooed by others!
Plus Bench Fix' hot water salon faucet made it more relaxing and worth it.

Yep, waist-length hair went buh-bye

Why, hello shoulder length hair!


  1. Ang ikli ng hair mo but it suits on you! Que horror yung pix ng traffic.

  2. Ang ganda Miss Maria. :) bagay sayo ang shoulder length.

  3. Mas malaki pa daw ang mall na yan kesa sa Mall of Asia dito sa Manila. Bagay ang hair! I sometimes wish I had straight hair. Parang ang ganda at ang manageable kasi pag straight. Wavy kasi hair ko. :)

  4. Wow ang ganda naman ng SM jan! And your hair suits you!


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