Thursday, June 5, 2014

E-reader VERSUS Real Book

Should you buy an E-reader? If you have been thinking of buying one, read on as I give pros and cons of an E-reader and an actual book.


My Kindle. It was given to me two Christmases ago.

  • It can get stolen
  • You can download thousands of books without having to carry all of them at once. It's like having a mini-library at your fingertips!
  • Once you download an e-book, you can't sell it. You are basically stuck with it. I don't support piracy so I am happy to buy e-books full price.
  • It ain't waterproof  so girls, e-reader and bubble bath aren't a great partner.
  • E-readers are quite expensive
  • I have this weird habit of reading under the covers with my lights off. With Kindle, I don't have to position my flashlight over my head to be able to read in the dark under my covers. Yah, I'm weird like that.
  • Don't know that word? Press on that word and a meaning pops up.
  • You can choose which font to use.
  • Amazon, which is the maker of of Kindle has thousands of free e-books you can download. I am actually downloading my e-books free at my local library which tends to have newer e-books than Amazon. I am currently reading: A Feast for Crows: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones)
  • You have to have an Amazon account to be able to download e-books and that means you may have to give credit card or debit card information so take this in consideration.

Real Books


  • I love to feel and run them pages through my hands while basking on their scent. Yah, I am weird like that.
  • Ahhhhhh, the satisfaction I get when I see how many pages I've read. *That* thick already? Cool!
  • You can shove them in your bag without having to worry if it get's broken.
  • It wont run out of battery, like ever.
  • You can use it as a makeshift umbrella when it's drizzling out or you can put it above your head so you can train yourself to walk straight. Who knows, you can be the next Megan Young! Haha
  • You can sell,swap or let people borrow it.
  • The possibility of the pages getting yellow. I hate that!
  • You can buy used books, no such thing as used e-books.

I love my Kindle. You can read outside without glare. The battery life lasts long and this really help me lessen the amount of books I owned as I am trying to paddle my way through a life of minimalism.

I love my Kindle but sometimes, nothing beats the feeling of having a real book in my hand.

For those who have e-readers, do you feel the same way?


  1. I am old fashion. I love real books. I dont mind even it is bulky.

  2. I love the public libraries here!!!!! Pwede ka mag loan ng real books AND ebooks. Its just super. I wish meron din ganun sa Pinas.

    1. Yep, never purchased a single e-book yet, all from the library. I am using and abusing my library. Haha. Things ill miss when I'll go home: library and the awesome running trail. I'd trade those for some Philippine air on my face.

    2. Hehehe!

      BTW do you have Half Price Books where you are? Its a great place to score cheaper books - both new and used.

    3. For used books, sa Goodwill lang, 50 cents softcover, 1 dollar hardcover. My local library has a room full of used books,too so I can buy there if I want.. They also hold book sale two times every year.

    4. Oh yes, I've seen books at Goodwill too. But selection is not always to my liking.

      Another place to shop for cheap books is eBay :) Naka-score ako dun minsan.

  3. hi what is the model of your kindle? is it a touch screentype?

    1. Yah, it is touchscreen type. If I am not mistaken, it's Kindle Paperwhite 2012 or 2013

  4. For classic books I prefer a real book. I think you should check out "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau. It's about minimalism etc. I love his humour and stubbornness of living in the woods because he doesn't want to conform to consumerism.

    OK I think I've said too much about it already. For how-to articles/book I prefer an ebook reader. Most of the times I read on my iPhone anywhere. While waiting for the bus, train, or in the park. I don't need wifi anyway.

    Is your Kindle still working? I bet it has loads of ebooks by this time.


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