Saturday, June 14, 2014

No Smartphone: What I learned from not having one

My Actual Phone

  • It taught me the art of patience . Whenever I have some spur of the moment thought that needs further research aka Google, I wait until I get home to do so.

  • Having no smartphone taught me how to "carpe diem". I love the feeling of having to walk around without having the need to check anything online or having to stick my face on any gadgets. 

  • The feeling of freedom I feel when I know I am not in bondage with my phone is priceless.

  • IPod  Touch "is" my smartphone coz it allows me to listen to Podcasts, record my running mileage, listen to music, take pictures, etc. Just what I need. I don't need to be online 24 hours a day. I don't have a big business to monitor 24/7.

  • Above all, it saves me tons of moolah. I only pay 10 dollars every two months for my minutes and frugal girl like me, that's sweet! 
I know, with this day and age, taming the urge to buy the latest gadgets out there is hard. It took me years and a lot of getting-to-know-myself-more to overcome spending temptation. I know that if I want to, I could afford to buy 10 iPhones like  that *snap fingers* but I chose not to coz having the latest gadgets is not aligned with my life's plan.

"You can't judge someone's worth base on what phone they are using" 


  1. Don't you notice that the battery of a regular phone lasts longer than a smartphone? The longest my smartphone (a Lenovo) has lasted was 2 days, but my old phone can last one whole week without charging.

    I don't have an Ipad, so my smartphone acts as a tablet as well. And because of it, I don't have to bring out my super heavy laptop to browse sites and whatnot.

    But I sometimes feel bad when I'm on it because I see my son looking at me while I'm using my smartphone to browse sites, and sometimes he slaps my phone away but other times, he waits for me to puts it down and smiles at me, wanting to play.

    That's another minus to a smartphone. We get so engrossed with it that we tend to ignore our loved ones even if they're already in the same room :(

    1. I know,right? Whatever happens to "being present" and "living in the moment"?

      Nowadays, it's hard to focus and for me, not having the luxury to be online all the time is teaching me to just focus on what I currently do. It is so refreshing knowing that I conquered my urge to be online all the time.

      With your line of work, I'm pretty sure you need smartphone but for me kasi, I really don't need it so what's the point of having one. I can even go mobile phone-free but I kept thinking on the security purposes coz I am mostly going out solo.

      Having smartphone is not bad, I am not closing my doors on the whole smartphone thing but again, my lifestyle doesn't really call for it

  2. I had to buy a second hand smart phone (HTC) from a taiwanese student just so I can install a Chinese dictionary/translator. Prior to that, I had a trusty Nokia. It was a conversation piece.

  3. I used to waaaant a nicer phone. But I think I am better off without it.

    Hassle kaya as it is a distraction and has corresponding costs if you want to maximize its features. Uh, what's the point of getting a nice shiny smart phone if you won't use the features?

    Currently paying $25 for basic prepaid smart phone use on a bigger network (Need it since we travel a lot). But if I move up to phone plan with data, my monthly "plan" would double. Sayang kaya!

    1. You are using AT&T noh? I used their prepaid for a year or two then I switched to Platinum Tel coz I am not a heavy phone user. Pang emergency lang talaga.

      I am paying 10 bucks every 2 months with PTel, and may leftover pa, as I said, I am not really heavy user on phone

    2. Yup! AT&T.

      Pero bulok nga coverage nila kasi we've driven through a lot of highways na wala sila signal.

      Verizon sana pero grabe ang mahal ng plans nila. Doble ng presyo.


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