Sunday, June 29, 2014

Running Everyday for a Month: What I learned, Tips and Tricks and Why the heck am I doing this?

"Run, so you can eat them cupcakes" 

Oooh, boy! I've been running everyday for the past month now. I didn't skip a day at all and it feels great! Yeehaw!

Don't make other people motivate you to do something about your body. Exercise because you want to be a better version of yourself. Don't exercise because your boyfriend/husband told you to. Don't exercise just to impress people with your tone body. If you exercise with just those reasons in mind, the motivation won't last."I am doing it for myself" should be the main reason and for sure, whatever exercise you want to be in, the motivation would last forever. I can attest to that!

Note: I am not, in any way, expert when it comes to the world of running. I haven't done any competitive running. This post is just base on personal experience and how running can be a great, frugal exercise. The trail is our gym. Personal trainer and gym membership card, please step aside.

I mentioned in one of my posts that I love running. I've been running 2 days every week,12 miles total ( Saturday=6 mi., Sunday=6 mi) then everyday, I have a exercise routine that I follow. (See post here). Yah, I was fat most of my life, envying those who can show off there small arms but now, I can totally rock racerback tops! I feel confident and it feels good to feel good about yourself.

Why did I "try" running everyday?

One day, I was just bored with my exercise routine and decided to try running everyday for a change.

Note: I still do my exercise routine on top of my running, but I do it 5-10 minutes instead of the usual 15-30 minutes.

My total running miles recorded in the Nike App, but I have been running way before I decided to try this app

I feel good! I've been doing 6.6 miles every day for less than 50 minutes. I don't feel sluggish during the day and running everyday is kicking my insomnia in the butt, helping me sleep at night.

Tips and Tricks:

  •  Do it first thing in the morning. Get up an hour before you usually wake up. "But I  go to work every day :( ?" you might say, but "hey, I go to work, too". It's doable. If you aren't a morning person, do it after work. If there is a will, there is always a way.

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee.

  • I was born a non-pooper, so for those of you who does: take a dump before running. I mean, go poo. Gross to mention it, I know. When you run, your intestines get to work out too, the up and down motion,plus the coffee,makes you want to run into the nearest bathroom which can be a problem.

  • Ladies, get one, great sports bra. "Invest" in one, just one. Your sisters, you know what I mean, are going to hurt because of the "bouncing motion" while you run. Even flat-chested women needs sports bra. Trust me, I know.

  •  A music that pumps you up is a must. I personally listen to Red Hot Chili Pepper coz I am crushing on John Frusciante. hehe.

  • Running app is a must,too. I use Nike app ( it's free). It gets me motivated seeing those mileage. It has those prerecorded voice that cheer you up. If you are one of those people who post random stuffs on Facebook, you can definitely let your Facebook friends know how awesome you are in running coz it has an option to automatically post your running mileage straight to your Facebook account.

  • Stretch before you run. I learned my lesson long time ago and I don't want you guys to experience it. Let's just say that those pain I got from not stretching prior to running made me think of giving up running. Yah, it hurt that much so stretch your heart out.

  • Whatever floats your boat. If you are a beginner, expect that you will be out of breath in just one minute of straight running. I know, been there,done that. I have been running for years, I can go 3 miles straight then rest for 30 seconds to drink water then another 3.6 miles but, that didn't happen overnight.

If you really can't do running and you really want to be good at it, try brisk walking first. I did brisk-walking for 3 months before proceeding to brisk walking-run-walk-brisk walking-run-walk (in the order).It took me a long time to be able to run like a boss.
What things I do/tell myself when I feel so tired to run

Some are so embarrasing to tell you guys coz most of the times, what goes in my head is embarrassing. Hey, whatever motivates you, right

- "One more song and I'm done, one more block and I'm done, one more lamppost and I'm done,100 more steps and I'm done." Repeat 500 times.

- " This is all in your head. You can do this. You can do this" . Repeat 590 times.

- I count my steps 1-100 , back to 1 till 100. 

- Looking down at my feet while running and not ahead. 

- Ahhhhh, I know I will feel good after this. I know it, I know it, by the old gods and the new (wherever I got that. Told you I'm crazy) Repeat 480 times


It is important to practice a proper breathing to prevent side stich- that annoying pain in the side of the abdomen. Personally, inhaling deeply while making my abdomen muscle tight for second then exhaling help prevents side stich. Inhaling when your left hand go up then exhaling while your left hand go down helps,too. I know, it's a pain in the neck remembering these,but you will get use to it. I promise.

After-run meal

It is important to remember that protein should be taken maximum of 30 minutes after every work-out to feed those hungry muscles. Protein aids with muscle-building and it will also kick your cravings in the curb. A popular kind of after-workout meal is a protein shake but, for someone who is too cheap to buy protein shakes, I opted for peanut butter coz I looove my peanut butter.

Easy protein  suggestion:

• hardboiled eggs (1 or 2 )

My usual after-meal workout
Organic peanut butter over toasted whole wheat bagel and ass-cold water infused with cucumber and lemon

Are you thinking of trying running as an exercise? I hope this post helps.


  1. Started running, but it has taken a toll on my knees. Had a previous injury. But I think this is either I am too fat or signs of aging na talaga.

    1. Take it easy, masakit pag ma injury.

      Ma inspire ka talaga when you see runners na matatanda na. A lot of may edad na runners in my area. I keep telling myself if they can do it, ako pa kaya na I am not even half their age.


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