Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Minimalist House

Last year was a year of "great declutter" for me. I got rid of tons of stuffs that my mother hoarded. Computer table, bookcases, broken umbrella, 5 broken electric fans, you name it, my mother kept it. It took me a long time to finally clean up my house. It was hard to let go of things, but I always tell myself that if I need it in the future, I know that I can afford to buy it. Abundance mentality, right?

My house is quite large for only two people. If you have been following my blog, you know how I ended up with a big house. It's a close book.... a dark chapter in my life and I don't want to mention it again. Though I like the space, I don't like keeping it clean. Becoming a minimalist surely helps me get on top of things. I can clean the whole house in less than 15 minutes because I have less things. The mental clarity minimalism brought to my life is priceless. 

Just a couch and a TV, which I rarely use

Counter top that isn't cluttered with things

Dinning room.
Look how cute Pepper is!

The Garage


  1. Infairness sis maganda at maliwanag nga yang ganyang theme ng house mo. Hehe. My mom tends to hoard din ng ganyan. Ako yung tagabawas ng kapag sinisipag ako maglinis. Hehehehe.

  2. Hi Maria, besides being a frugal person, another thing I like about you is you being a minimalist. I'm 27 y/o and starting my journey as a minimalist too. Naghahanap ako ng mga groups and blogs here in the Philippines who practice minimalism para sana I could get ideas and help with my journey kaya lang I found none. Perhaps, minimalism is still a taboo dito but I know there are Filipinos out there and glad you're one of them. Sa ngayon, I started decluttering and owning less things which some find unreasonable but I really don't mind. For now, I joined online groups (international) who practice minimalism. I draw help and inspiration from them. I am living in an apartment with some housemates and even though we share some things, my personal things are quiet few compared to what I have before. I'm training myself so that when the right time comes that I can now afford to buy a home and raise a family, we will live a simple but fulfilling life that doesn't rely on things.

    Can I ask a favor? Can you please continue posting updates about your minimalist lifestyle? You are one of my inspirations both financially and the minimalist lifestyle. You may not believe this but you have impacted me in such a way that lead me to changing my lifestyle.. Been reading your blog mid last year where I accidentally found mentioned in one of the finance blogs I've been following and now here I am doing the same thing. By the way, I like your house. Just exactly how I want mine too, barely have anything. Just the important ones :)
    Maraming salamat.


    1. This made me very happy. I would surely post more minimalist-related topics. :) Thanks for dropping by, Mae!

  3. Omg! I like it! Parang ganito kalinis yung bahay namin before my baby came. Hehe. Now, knick-knacks, toys, boxes and whatnot are everywhere. Thanks for reminding me to declutter.
    Looking forward to more blog posts.

  4. For all the minimalist or about to, I want to share my favourite minimalist YouTuber Minimalist Ninja. She shares tons of tips about books, travel, etc.
    Would love to know who are your inspiration in becoming minimalist. Let's not forget Marie Kondo.

  5. Hello Maria. It's been a year since my last comment. I am happy to share that because I was inspired by your journey, I am now an owner of a house in the Philippines.

    Ako pumili ng mga gamit na ilalagay kasi gusto ko din ng maaliwalas na bahay, yung walang madaming abubot kahit hindi pa ako doon nakatira. (Nandito pa ako sa abroad, working and enjoying independence.)

    Sana maimpluwensiyahan ko sila na maging minimalist din. (Malabo atang maging vegetarian din sila.) I donated most of my stuff and plan to scan documents instead of keeping it in the closet. Sana patuloy ka pa ding magsulat para madami pang mainspire lalo na ang mga OFW.


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