Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Spending

As I said in my last post, I won't be buying much for this week since I hoarded food last weekend.

Here are the things I bought today:

Note: My brother ate the "Mi goreng" noodles I bought last time, which pissed me off a little bit because I was craving for it pa naman, so I just went ahead and bought a pack just in case my brother wants to cook some. 


Indo Mie Fried Noodles (5 noodles/ pack)    Php 60 ( $1.20)
CDO Spiced Ham (250g)                       Php 48 ($.96)
CDO Danes Cheese                            Php 59  ($1.18)
Bench Face and Body Powder                  Php 16.75 ($ .34) Yep, gandang polbo at lip and cheek tint lang talaga ako)

I'm feeling under the weather right now, so I bought these:

Berroca (10 pcs.)                  Php 192.82 ($3.87)
Neozep Forte (Php 5.50 each ($.11 each)- Php 55 ($1.10) 10 capsules

I also sent Php 700 + Php 10 service charge (Palawan Express) to my mother.
I also sent Php 1,000 for my grandmother's 93rd birthday this February 2nd. I won't be going to my hometown this time because I'm saving for my European trip and it's my ex and cousin's wedding this February 4th so I want to save them and myself those awkward moments. ( I know, I know... why did they set their wedding on February and leap year pa naman. My cousin is clearly in a hurry!)

By the way, I also have Pag-ibig, Phil health and SSS na! I opened them lahat kanina so I'm super ecstatic about it. 

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  1. That Berocca seems to have all the essential vitamins in one tablet. Is that a tablet that will dissolve in the water and turn into a juice?

    Maganda pasalubong from Pinas maliban sa Imodium and Biogesic. Mas gusto pa din ang gamot sa Pinas. I never had any medicine ingested from a Pharmacy here in Canada other than vitamins especially Vit D.

    Love seeing your groceries.


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