Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday and Saturday Spending: SNR, White Gold, Ace Hardware, Wet Market

I didn't have classes this morning because of a scheduled power interruption in my area, so I went to the wet market. Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe how much I miss going there! I must have been a wet market vendor in my past life.

I didn't realize that there was a power interruption scheduled for today. Had I known , I wouldn't have gone to SNR yesterday. I might have gone over budget when it comes to my everyday food, but I was thinking that I will just buy things and freeze them. All the meat that I bought earlier would last me two months, I guess. I think the only things I need to buy for the coming weeks are lettuce and my yogurt drink, so I think I'm okay with that. I stocked up on meat and other essentials since I rarely go to the wet market nowadays and it's way cheaper there than SM and SNR.

Here are the things I bought at SNR yesterday:


Lettuce (Unit Price Php 199.95/kg ($4))= Php 56.79 ($1.14)
Porkchop (Unit Price Php 182.95/kg ($3.66) Php 154.41 ($3.09)
TH Yogurt (1 pack contains 4 pcs. Php 62.95/pack)= Php 125.9 ($2.52)
Gardenia Whole Wheat Bread = Php 72 ($1.44)
Rug (BOGO Php 399.95 $ 8)= Php 799.9 ($16)

Note: I went back to SNR, even though I still have a lot of supplies because of those rugs.  I have been using bath rugs for my stairs and I thought that I should upgrade. I think I got a good deal. I also grabbed some yogurt, though I  still have five packs in my fridge. I think I won't be going back to SNR for a while.

What I bought at Ace Hardware:


Goodboy Dog Food 5kg = Php 280 ($5.60)
Mr. Muscle Stick On Bathroom deodorizer = Php 59.75 ($1.20)

Note: Pepper is so picky when it comes to food so I constantly change her food. I still have SNR dog food, but I had to buy this dog food so I can switch it for her every now and then.The Mr. Muscle Stick on Bathroom deodorizer is "love" for me. I love the lavender scent and I only found one stock available at Ace Hardware. I think it's not available at SM Hypermarket. I actually bought four more at La Nueva today since they are few pesos cheaper there. I figured that since I always use them, why not buy more.

Things I bought at White Gold:


Dog leash  ( Original price is Php  219 ($4.38)) Php 197.10 ( I got 10 percent discount because I'm a member.)
Bread  (Original price is Php 28 ($.56)) Php 16 ($.32)  ( I got 40 percent off because it was 30 minutes before their closing time.)

What I got at SM:


Value 12 Rolls Bathroom Tissue Php 82. 50 ($ 1.65)
Baby Wipes Php 99.75 ($ 2)
Mi Goreng Noodles (Php 12.50 each ($.25) Php 25 
Kopiko Cafe Blanca Php 63.50 ($1.27) Note: 10 pcs

Note: Baby Wipes are for Stark and Pepper. I always wipe their paws after they go out and before entering the house. The noodles I bought was just to satisfy my cravings,so I only bought 2. I also bought more Kopiko Cafe Blanca at La Nueva because it's way cheaper there.

Instead of eating out, I just opted to buy this:

Php 50 ($1)

La Nueva:

La Nueva's prices are cheaper than regular grocery stores because they are some kind of a wholesale store, so I decided to just buy the essentials, things I know that I'm going to need and use:


Kopiko Cafe Blanca  (30 pcs Php 168/pack ($3.36/pack)) Php 336 - 2 packs
Happy Sanitary Pads ( 8 pcs. Php 13.15/pack ($.26/pack) ) Php 52.60 -4 packs
Sisters Pantyliners (20 pcs. Php 16.25/pack ($.33/pack) ) Php 32.50- 2 packs
Brown Sugar  (1/2 kilo) Php 18.50 ($.37)
Cooking Oil (1/2 kilo) Php 27 ($.54)
Downy Antibac (370g) Php 56.95 ($1.14)
Mr. Muscle Stick-on Lavender (Php 54/pack ($1.08) Php 216 - 4 packs

Virginia Porkshop:

Bones (On sale Php 56/kilo ($1.12) Php 68.88 (For Stark and Pepper)
Porkchop (Php 164/ kilo ($3.28)) Php 221.07

Peanuts: Php 10 ($.20)
Kakanin: Php 20 for 5 pcs. ($.40 for 5 pcs.)


Php 6.25 each ($.13) = Php 75 one dozen ($1.50/dozen)

For my garden:

Scallion Php5 ($.10)
Onion Php 5 ($.10)

For my little garden:

Screen Php 97 per meter ($1.94 per meter)

Note:  I have a little garden on my rooftop but Pepper always eat my veggies that I planted, so I decided to buy this. 

Random Pictures:

When you have inside dogs, you need a lot of rugs to keep their mud and water at bay.

I have been using this rug for my stairs for the longest time. I know, it's obviously a bath rug
The morning crowd before La Nueva opened. The earlier you get, the earlier you get out.
The line is hell if you  go there late.

40 percent off all bread at White Gold. Their Spanish bread is delish

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