Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hand-washing Clothes

Yes, I don't own a washing machine, but there are times that I would really like to have one. Most of the time,  I'm okay with not owning one.

Aside from  saving electricity and saving water, here are some of the reasons why not owning a washing machine suits me really well:

  • I have become very conscious with what I'm wearing, how I wear my clothes and how I used them.

  •  It's so easy to just take off your clothes and just put them in the hamper. Since I don't have washing machine, I do the "smell test". If it passes the test, then I can reuse them.

  • I don't own much in terms of clothes. I don't shop much since it's hard to find an eco-friendly shops in Cebu. I don't support fast-fashion and I have become a full-pledge minimalist. You should see how empty my house is. I got rid of so much stuffs and I'm very happy with it.

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  1. Hi sis, kami naman walang fridge pero may washing kami. Naawa kasi ako sa mom ko if naglalaba sya ng mga damit namin. Alam ko ang feeling na naglalaba ng madami since tinuruan nya kami maglaba nung wala pa kaming mga work. Haha. Yung mga officemates ko nagugulat if sinasabi ko na wala kaming fridge. LOL.


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