Friday, February 20, 2015

Selling Stocks Like Crazy

I've mentioned in this post that my Mom was asking for her investment, and that she wants 10k from it. Around that time, I wasn't really paying attention to the stock market world- as in wala talaga! I don't know if I call myself lucky or what, but when my mother asked for her 10k, that was the time that the market has been going up and up (bullish, they call it.) That's when I got crazy and started to closely monitor the market.

I also mentioned in my last post that I'm in the process of extending my little abode. I already have a budget for it, but since the market has been doing really well, I decided to not touch my "house extension budget" but to take my stock market gains (not all) and make that gain as the "house extension budget" instead.

That's what I did. I have been constantly monitoring the stocks, selling and taking my gains. I withdraw my gains from COL (took 3 days for the money to be credited to my bank account) and now I have a house extension budget!

Budget: Php 350k

I am getting giddy now thinking of it! Naka pa extend ng bahay dahil sa gains ng stock market? Ang saya!


  1. My stocks also went through the roof (ok, mejo exaj yon). From almost zero movement for the past 6 months, biglang 20% gains in the last 2 months! Diba?! Win!

    1. 20%++ pala, almost 30% na rin since yesterday.

  2. Wow, nakakatuwa naman! Congrats on your enormous gains! Na-inspire ako lalo alagaan ang stocks namin. Sana kami rin ng husband ko in the future makabili ng farm house (my dream, actually) using our stock market gains! :)

  3. Kadako sa imong gain PinasforGood! :)
    Ika-4 months na ko sa stock market... so far, so good. 7%+ gain nako on average... basta ma-pildi lang ang inflation, okay na! I hope to learn TA someday so i'll know proper entry and exit. pero murag dugay2 pa jud...hehehe



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