Saturday, March 14, 2015

When You Love a Dog ... and He Gets Sick

My Ganni Bear is sick and I'm heartbroken. You wouldn't believed how I cried because of his situation. I started a Novena to St. Francis of Assisi hoping and praying that he will get better.

Last Thursday, he started vomiting and his poop was kind of wet. I rushed him to the vet last Friday night because he was getting weaker and weaker, though his poop wasn't liquidy anymore. The vet gave him 4 shots and prescribed medicines ( I paid Php 1,800 for all of those.) We all thought it has something to do with upset stomach coz Ganni eats anything, including gravel and wood (  you all know we are currently renovating the house.) I was relieved because I thought he will get better, but all through out the night, he was still vomiting and his poop got watery again. The next day, he wasn't really getting any better and then.... he pooped blood and I panicked. I rushed him to the vet again.

My poor Baby Love:

He is currently in staying in the clinic and I cried all night clutching the towel I wrapped him with when I took him to the vet. 

This morning, I read a text message from the vet saying that My Ganni Love has parvovirus. My poor Baby Bear is really sick. ( He is still a puppy, in terms of vaccination , he still has 5 shots to go through. That's why there is a high chance of him getting a parvo coz his vaccination isn't complete yet.)

When a pet touches your life and you learn to love him/her, it sucks seeing him/her in pain.

Hoping and praying that he will get better. Together, we still have a lifetime ahead.

Be well My Gannicus.


  1. How is your baby bear now? Hope he is better now. :)

  2. My dog was also confined some time ago, and I was so happy it wasn't parvo. Every time he gets a fever, I get scared. Dogs are loving, and loveable, creatures. I hope your dog gets better. :*

  3. I hope Gani gets well! I know how it feels. I'd be devastated if my fur baby gets sick


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