Thursday, March 26, 2015

Itching to Buy a Car

When I was working abroad, which seems like a lifetime ago already(gosh!), I was blessed enough to be living in a place where majority of people depend on train and buses to get them to work and back. That's why transportation system there is safe and reliable as well as the existence of bike lanes and such because, as I said, people depend on it. So that's why owning a car wasn't really a top of my priority back then. (If you have been a follower of my blog for some time now, you know I mostly walk/bike to work everyday when I was still working abroad.)

Now that I am back in 'pinas, I have been riding the tricycles, jeeps and tri-sikads to get me to where I want to go. I really don't mind doing it (been relying on public transportation for almost 3 months now) but man, hot weather + waiting time + stuck in traffic + tons of things to bring, e.g grocery = super duper hassle! I'm now thinking/imagining, "Ano kaya ang feeling to be driving noh? Ang convenient siguro. I can take Mama to places na if I'm driving, plus I can go anywhere even on a whim. Ang saya siguro!"

Before coming home for good, I already expect to be buying a car since my house is kind of far and I know how public transportation here in the Philippines work. Me being cheap and all, I really wanted to delay buying a car since kaya pa naman mag public transportation eh, so go! Almost three months of experiencing once again what it feels like to be in a public transportation- Philippines style, I am now ready to buy a car, but what should I buy?

  • Budget: Php 500k
  • Used or Brand New ( I don't mind)
  • Automatic Transmission


Kia Picanto VS Suzuki Celerio

Kia Picanto

Suzuki Celerio

Suggestions, anyone?

Later kana lang Mini Cooper (the car I'd like to own before I die). Picanto or si Celerio muna.


  1. My sis got a toyota wigo pag january. Pwede na pang zip around mactan and consolacion, ma'am.

    1. Hey Lg,

      Wow, thanks for the suggestion! I "googled" it right away and Wigo seems like a fine car to me! Will add that to the list! Thanks

  2. Cute naman ng mga choices mo ng car Maria sorry I can't give you suggestions coz I don't have car yet hahahaha :D soon siguro hihi.

    1. High five tayo. baka magka joing tayo ng first car ah! "soon" kasi sa iyo, sa akin "soon" din, but hopefully. heheh

    2. Sadya ang soon na yan kasi reverse paychology ba, i-claim na para matupad. Sabi nga nila pag positibo ka mag isip ang imposible puwede mangyari, syempre may kasamang gawa. Ano na yung nabili mong sasakyan?

  3. I have a Hyundai Getz, and it has served me well for 8 years and counting. I can't really attribute all this to the car though, since my husband has been such a rockstar in maintaining our car and without him, it would have probably died on me a long time ago.

    That's one thing I want to point out, whatever car you may decide to get, make sure to keep it properly maintained. And if you can learn the basics of maintenance, you can even DIY it or at the very least, outsource it to talyers because casa prices are crazy.

    1. Thanks, ate Jill.

      Grabeh, talagang ang laking responsibilidad ang car noh? I am still in the process pa of thinking if I should get one or not. You've been to Cebu recently? traffic here is super grabeh. Then yung line to get a taxi/ V-hire, ang ta-taas! That's why I've been dreaming to have my own car na. Kahit second hand, just to get me from point A to point B, okay na ako!

  4. Same with Lg, I suggest Toyota Wigo too. It's affordable and small but surprisingly spacious. A/T is slightly above your budget, but its better to get a brand new car, especially if you're a first-time owner (and driver). You'll never know the problems you might encounter on having a second-hand. Also, put it mind the 'problems' that come with having a car like parking, parking fees and maintenance (gas, car wash, to mention a few). God bless you! I hope you find the perfect car for you. Excited! :)

    1. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. Diba parang PHP 542k yung A/T na Wigo?

      I was thinking the same way, too. Pero at the same time, I am so paranoid na baka I'll scratch the new car kasi, Im still new to driving, plus the traffic here is super bad, bumper to bumper talaga.

      We will see.

      Thanks a lot!

  5. At least you have answered the "am i ready to have a car?" question. Ako, I am still considering the pros and cons of having a car. May binibigay na 2nd hand yung brother-in-law ko. Ok na ok sana. Pero ang mahal ng parking!

    As to your question, toyota wigo or mitsubishi mirage...yan yung suggestions nung cousin nung tinanong ko dati.

    1. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it.

      Yah, condo parking lot is super mahal! That's what I heard. Para naman nag bili ng lot sa province, diba?

  6. Wow! I'll be following this PinasforGood!
    I'm excited to know ur adventure in buying ur own car.
    Will u pay it in cash or u'll buy it through bank loan? Which is better, Etc., what are the things to consider?
    I hope I have the money to buy 1 too, but i don't have now.hehe... So, for now, i'll abang sa imo updates about this.

    Your blog follower,

    1. Hey Ching,

      I will make a separate post about it ha? I went to different car store and so far, ganahan ko sa Toyota Wigo. The commenter really were right, Wigo is suprisingly spacious bsan gamay unlike the Celerio.

      Yep, I will pay it in cash. I won't be a "I hate debt blogger" if I'll loan it sa bank. hehehhee.

      Like I said, Ill do a separate post about it.

  7. Hi Maria! I think the Toyota Wigo is a good deal though ang sabi mejo mahina ang hatak nya especially if puno kayo sa kotse. Though for city driving this is a good car. My husband and I were considering to buy that too pero naisip namin n baka mas kelangan namin ng mas malaking sasakyan in case we need it for the business (so yes, isa na syang investment para sa amin).

    Hindi ko pa din kayang magdrive dito sa Manila dahil nakakatakot hahahaha so I let my husband do the driving. Hopefully, soon :)


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