Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Mom's Investment: Php 50k to Php 116k in 2.6 Years

Almost 3 years ago, my Mama received a windfall. I kept bugging her to give me a part of the windfall so I could invest it for her. She wasn't convinced on that whole stock market thing back then. She said she'll invest part her money through her sister who works with Richard Cannon, an American 'investor.' She told me about the interest of the investment and all. It was clear as a day that it was a scam. Long story short, I convinced her to give me 50k, she invested 30k to Richard Cannon together with all her siblings' money, and the rest was spent fixing our leaking roof. Turns out it was a scam, almost told her "I told you so" but I am happy I get to invest part of her windfall, that it didn't disappear just like that.

I know, given her age it wasn't right to put all her money in the stock market. I was still supporting her with my monthly remittance and all, so I thought it would be okay.

Yesterday, she told me that she wants to get Php 10,000 from her investment so I calculated it. She was shocked, I was shocked too, calculated it several times even. I wish I could have captured her reaction after I told her how much her certain investment is now worth. Yah, for some, it's not much but for her, it is a lot.

Details of the Buying Transaction:

Stock:  Jollibee Food Corp (JFC)
Date: August 30,2012
Price at that time: Php 98.25
Total shares bought: 500 shares
Total amount paid: Php 49,125

Yesterday, I checked how much JFC is currently worth and it is Php232 per share, so:

500 shares X 232 =  Php 116,000

Man, she was happy! Thanks JFC! Well, that's why I invested her money on JFC coz she loves her Mang Inasal, which is owned by JFC. Unlimited rice kasi doon! haha.


Is there something wrong with my calculation?


  1. Wow! That is great! :)

    I wish we would have invested din sa JFC before and we could have at least that some of money. Who should we tap for this? or was it more of a personal thing lang?

    1. JFC is one of the giants, plus my Mom loves Mang Inasal. One of my rules stock rules: invest in a company you enjoy. Since Mama enjoys her Mang Inasal, I invested her money on a JFC stock, so it's kind of a personal thing lang, my own little idea.

  2. Hi! Im a newbie here. I always see and was advice to buy JFC stocks but its already high should I still buy?

    1. Hey Chris,

      Disclaimer: I am not a stock expert, so don't take my words seriously without even consulting a professional personal finance/stock advisor.

      Should you still buy? Up to you. Back when I was using PCA (peso cost averaging), I buy stocks monthly on schedule. I don't care if the market is up or down, basta I buy lang no matter what. I mostly remain invested on big companies-those that I know that will still be here 30 years from now.

      When I was new to the stock market, I hate timing it. I feel like the "fear and greed" takes place everytime you time the market: Ay, baka baba pa ito so I wont buy muna or Ay, baka tataas pa ito so I won't sell muna. Things like that, you'll end up not doing anythinng. Develop your own strategy.

      Back read my old stock-related posts. I've mentioned all these in details.

      And oh, I was kind of lucky too that I started investing back when the world market was still recovering from the world crisis, that's why I am kind of reaping the rewards now.

  3. Wow, galing! What a sweet surprise! I wished I invested in JFC earlier. Kakasimula ko lang last year and I want to keep my JFC shares for a long time. Mas lalo ako na-inspire dyan sa result ng investment ng mother mo. Congrats to you and her! :)

    1. Better now than never, sis.Jollibee will still be here 20 years from now so no worries, the stock price will still go up pa. Basta, kain lang ng kain sa Jollibee. haha

  4. wow.. that's great and inspiring..

    It's true.. when I started my stock investment in 2011, JFC was just around php75. :-)

    1. Parang ganyan din ako nag start. Around 70+ish. Imagine those who invested earlier than us pa!

  5. Very suwerte imong mama to have a child like you.. :)
    Happy to know updates of ur stock market progress PinasforGood. I hope u'r enjoying ur stay in PH... hehe..i'm hoping for the best.

    **ako ni, si Ching


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