Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meet My Son, Ganni

One of my "Random Thoughts" posts became a reality. I finally have a dog! I named him Gannicus, named after my favorite gladiator, but I call him Ganni. I am so, so in love with him. I look forward to going home because of him. He snuggles with me at night. Such a sweetie.

He is part labrador, part husky. Can't wait to take him running, will wait till he grows bigger, though

Look at the picture, he is even with me while I deal with stocks. haha! Isn't it a cutie?


  1. You have a dog son too! Welcome to pet parenthood! :) Love, Didi, Duane and Obi Juan the corgi

  2. Cute! Kami din we have our beloved Shih Tzu with us (the name is Sugar). I bought it tapos my mom took care of her kasi we were away tapos ngayon she's with us na kasi my mom will be staying with my bro.


  3. Gosh! Inggit talaga ako, gustong gusto ko ng magkaron din ng aso - bibigyan na rin sana kami ng Shih Tzu, ayaw lang kasi ng tatay ko e, mahirap kontrahin ang na-stroke na e, haisst.... pero oks lang hanggang tingin lang muna ako ngayon.... puede raw ako magkaron ng aso kung ako raw mismo mag-aalaga unfortunately may trabaho ako kaya di pa daw pede :(

  4. Hi Maria May I know what website is that(from your picture)? I'm interested to learn how to invest in stocks or whatever you call that (sorry I'm new), if it's okay to know but if not I respect that.

    Your Shih Tzu is really cute, I love dogs too. Your lucky coz my dog isn't behave as yours :(

    1. hi!

      i'm sure Pinas won't mind as she is an advocate of financial freedom, and investing is one tool to help achieve that. the stockbroker in that website is COL Financial. you may access their website at!

      Good luck with your journey in learning how to invest in stocks!!!

    2. Thanks so much, you're generous and I appreciate it.

    3. I am pretty much prompt when it comes to replying comments, but lately, talagang busy lang. Sorry about that.

      Vet is right, that's COL website. The online stockbroker I am using. :)


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