Saturday, March 29, 2014

Short-term Goals 2014 Updates


Let me ask you something, is there such thing as getting tired of anything personal finance? Honestly, in my case, yah. Eeeekk.I have been reading books about that matter for the longest time and the need to shift my focus to one of my interests (Science Fiction and fantasy) would be a wise choice. With that being said, blame my lack of posts to Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. I have been in some serious reading and serious marathon-watching of those two. Last episode of Walking Dead ends tomorrow and a new season of Game of Thrones will start this April 6!

I wouldn't say I am an expert on finance, it's that I just need to get away from it for a while coz my interest on learning about it is slowly dwindling. Thanks Jon Snow and Daryl Dickson for entertaining me as I need to have space from my manic-studying of the finance world.

Well, I still don't have debt so I guess I am entitled to take a break and relax from focusing too much on money. Say I'm right! Ha!

This post is an update of what have become of my 2014 goals. To know all about it, click here.

•Read non-fiction book minimum of 2 books per month

          - I read 4 non-fiction books for January and February but failed this month as reason stated above. I will have my zeal back, for sure.

•Own 2,000 items including clothes and other knickknacks

         -I didn't count my stuffs yet but it would be impossible to own 2,000 coz I have been letting go of stuffs regularly.I've learned to appreciate my possessions-that-fits-four-drawer-dresser but, I still have stuffs that are in the storage. I would still send them back home to either sell or to be give to my relatives.

•Have a one million peso cold hard cash in the bank. Cash, not paper assets

         - Since nobody knows me personally yet, I feel confident to divulge whatever I have.

   $10,000- Checking account (approx. PHP 430,000)
   $1,000- Cash-on-hand (approx. PHP 43,000)
PHP 60,000- Philippine savings bank

If my conversion of USD to PHP is correct, I would need to save approx. PHP 467,000 to reach this goal. Happy!

Eat healthier. Have at least a cup of fruit or veggies a day. Control my sweet tooth

          - Yikes! I am even eating fruit salad Filipino style. The kind which is loaded with condensed milk. haha! Since I have been living at my employer's place, eating fruit or veggies a day is attainable but curbing my sweet tooth is a challenge.

•Quit being an "OC" when it comes to finance

           - I am happy to report that I am slowly learning not to beat myself up every time I "want" something but I still can't bring myself to buy IPad, though!

•Use up all my skin care products and backups so I can switch to a natural skin care stuffs

        - Picture below is what my bathroom looks like. A lot, right? I still have to go through a lot of skincare stuffs. I did gave away tons but I still have a lot. This is what the Land of Excess can do. Sales and coupons bite!

Hoarder: Buried Alive

• Pinas for good by September 2014

      - As what some mababaw bisayans like me say,"kulba kulba my heart, kurog kurog my feet" but I'm trying to conquer it! I know I can! Challenge me!


  1. Wow!Excellent Goals!I am excited of your last goal to Pinas for Good by September 2014 :) God Bless you always!

  2. September na next week! I hope you will still blog when you go back home to Pinas for good. I enjoy back reading your posts because I learn a lot from you. Thanks ha! :)

    1. Hey, I am going to post something about the update of my "for good" decision very soon.


    2. PinasforGood:hello,ur life is indeed very inspiring for OFWs.We came from d same place Cebu..Bisdak hehe!Just wondering just when did u start investing??

    3. Inspiring bah? Really? Im blushing right now! Hehe! But, thanks!

      When did I start investing? About 3 years ago..

      Salamat sa pag sa akong gamay'ng payag! Balik balik!


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