Friday, April 4, 2014

For Good Update: My Plans When I Finally Come Home

There are quite a few who emailed me about my for good decision, asking me questions on my plans, am I retiring and the like. I feel like those question has a hidden question,"Why are you going home? Wala kang mapapala sa Pilipinas. Mahirap doon."

Am I retiring?

My friends, I am not retiring. I am  still young and I am just (turning)  28-years-old. I can still work! The idea is working not because I have to, but because I want to.

I could work there, spend the salary for bills and such without touching my investments and/or  savings. 

I would continue to live simply. I am use to simple living and I don't worry about lifestyle inflation.

Simple living and my bahay kubo

I will be living in a bahay kubo in the province. I am not a city girl. Province-living suits me much better than the hustle and bustle of a city life, plus the cost of living in the province is way cheaper.

Business Ideas: 

  • Buying a Farm

This, I thought, would be my ultimate dream. I want to own a land maybe 5 hectares or less where I could build my bahay kubo and where I could grow my own food. I am also interested in learning about agriculture so I can grow crops. Magbubukid lang ang drama! 

* I have been looking for land somewhere in Zamboanga del Sur (I grew up there) . A quick Google search shows that 5 hectares of farm land in that province would range from 800,000 to 2 million depending on the location. I want to see the land personally first before buying so this goal could wait till I go home.

  • Real State

• • Since moving in the province is a top priority, I would rent out my townhouse in Cebu. Extra income. Chaching!

•• I also have a small land ( 80 sq.) near newly-built SM in Cebu. I am planning to build rooms there so I could rent it out to the workers. I also heard that they are planning on building  a second I.T. Park nearby so renting a room will be a profitable business, if the proposed I.T Park project would push through 

  • Stock Market

• Getting my feet wet in stock trading would also give me extra income. Happy to report the gains I've made since investing  3 years ago when the market was at its lowest due to a world crisis. As I mentioned in this post, I am kind of stuck in an analysis paralysis mode when selling stocks. I need to toughen my gut and quit overanalyzing.

There is no place like home. No matter how hard life back home, masarap pa 'din sa 'pinas!


  1. I think we have land in Ipil, it's near the airport, so I'm not sure if that would suit your bahay kubo dreams:p

    But good on you for wanting to return. I can't wait to read more about your "For Good" adventures!

    1. Ipil is part of Zamboanga Sibugay though years and years ago, it has been a part of Zamboanga del Sur but they separate it na. I didn't know Ipil has airport? I thought Pagadian and Zamboanga have airports and not Ipil?

    2. It used to have an airport, or at least property apportioned for an airport. I know there were talks before of buying my lolo's land because of a planned airport. Nothing came out of it though, and the land is still there while all his heirs are in Cebu, Bacolod, Manila and the US with no plans of going back. Even the next generation (my generation) has no plans of settling in Ipil.

    3. Ipil is 3 hours away from Pagadian. Last time I've been to ipil, wala pang airport. Maybe now mayroon na.

      Are you selling the property? How much? How may square meters? Just asking maybe sa iyo ko mabibili ang dream lot ko but, I am concentrating on Del Sur province coz Im more familiar than the Sibugay province.

      I think it has been less than a decade since they split Zamboanga del Sur into half and named the other half Zamboanga Sibugay. Ipil is now part of Sibugay province.

  2. I could'nt agree more with everything you said, no place like HOME, indeed! It's so crazy that, i actually have the same plans as yours. That is why i like reading your blogs coz i can relate to it. Not to mention, we're about the same age too and plans to go home in a couple of years. God bless your plans and may you reach all your goals. :)

  3. When u wrote youll build a bahay kubo I imagne you there sitting with your laptop doing stocks lol.

    1. Hahaha!!!! Take that! Hahah! Natawa naman ako sa imagination mo,sis!


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