Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Saving Time and a Trip to the Filipino Store

We move the clock one hour forward. Daylight saving time ends today.  When fall comes, we move the clocks one hour backwards thereby experiencing longer nights and when spring comes we move the clocks one hour forward thereby experiencing longer days. As the mnemonic states, fall backwards, spring forward. Weird, right?

As much as possible, I avoid Filipino store coz it's a spending danger zone  but, I decided to go there anyway. I can spend a lot when I'm there. The biggest I've spent was $150! Now, I'm trying to be conscious with what I'm buying when shopping for the most-missed Filipino yumminess! Haaaay..

So, what did I buy? Eeeeee, I am excited!

Ginisang Bagoong - $7.49 ( PHP 300+)

  • Ginamos $3.29 ( PHP 140+)

  •  Paksiw na Bangus $3.49 ( PHP 150+)

  •  555 Sardines $.79 each ( PHP 35+ each)

  • Pandesal $3.75 (PHP 160+)

  •  Pan de Ube $ 3.49 ( PHP 165+)

  • Monggos $1.49 ( PHP 65+)

  • Fried Peanuts $2.50 ( PHP 110+)

No matter how long we've been away from our motherland, we still misses and crave for foods we grew up with. 


Lami gyud!

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  1. Bagoong!

    Totally off-topic but while I was pregnant and struggling with too much baby weight, I kept on dreaming of kare-kare with spicy bagoong (I was told to lay off salty food). A few weeks after I gave birth, I almost cried when I had my first bite of rice with kare-kare and bagoong. Sarrrraaaapppp!


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