Monday, November 4, 2013

PHONES: Switching to Prepaid Has Save Me Tons

Aaah, I remember my first phone. Nokia 3310. You know, that phone that dances when you stand it up.  I was proud of that phone. It was the product of summer job, handling fliers and being a watcher on an election day. It wasn't brand new but I was stoked beyond reasoning. Writing this up makes me remember the giddy feeling I felt at that very day... the day I sent my first text message.. ahhhhh, sweet!!!

When I first came here, I used roaming and I eventually ditched it. Not only that I am spending extra on keeping it active, it was also a way where my relative can "borrow" money from me. hehe.

Meet my recent phone:

My First Phone's Relative

I had an IPhone but I traded it with IPod Touch and I have never been happier! I was paying $50 monthly for minutes I am not using. You see, I am not really a cellphone addict. If not for my work then I would have gone phone-less.

How much I am paying for now? $10 every 2 months! That's right, $10 every 2 months! Far from my $50 monthly, huh? And I can't even finish that 10 dollars. As of now, I still have 100 plus extra minutes.

  • Why would I need an on-the-go cellphone plan? It's as if I have a multi-million peso business that needs constant monitoring.
  • Need to search something on the internet, I wait until I get home. Convenience comes with a price, you know?
  • Skype is my best friend when making long distance call to my family back home.

It's pretty basic, but switching to prepaid has really saved me a lot. I don't have internet on the go and I rely on wi-fi but I am pretty much happy with it. Nothing beats a 10 dollar every 2 months vs the 50 dollars monthly I have been paying before.

Switching to prepaid + taming the urge to surf the net most of the time has really save me a lot. 

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  1. same here...I am also not into phones. But, I do have a postpaid account. I subscribed to plan P600. I think it's sulit naman coz the plan includes unlimited calls.


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